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Chameleon Solderless adapter work for newest Xbox??

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by smokes, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. smokes

    smokes Guest

    I got a modchip in my xbox and it works great, but now my brother is getting an xbox for himself for x-mas, and he wnats me to put a modchip in it. I am assuming that his xbox is a 1.5 since my mom got it a week ago from best buy, so would the "Chemeleon LE S (Solderless) w/ adapter work on this version xbox?? Does it work for all versions too?? I have 1.0 but I just didnt know if it worked on the newest ones or not. Thanks.
  2. smokes

    smokes Guest

    Or...if that one doesnt work, what is another one that is SOLDERLESS that works with any version xbox that I can put evolution dashboard on and all those goodies that I use w/ my chameleon.

    You can flash any chip and use any dashboard right?? Like... evolution x m 7 and evox -x an that? Thanks.

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