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changing permissions on 2nd HDD

Discussion in 'Linux - General discussion' started by HazelB, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. HazelB

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    Aug 14, 2004
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    Mandriva 2.16.17 -5mdv, KDE

    I can see in Konqueror that there are files in media:/hdb1 dr-xr-xr-x, they are owned by host. This disk is the data repository of an old W2k NTFS system. I would like to change media to drwxrwxrwx.

    I have tried --
    [root@localhost media]#pwd
    [root@localhost media]# ls
    [root@localhost media]#_ is the response, there is no listing of the files

    chmod a=rwx filename does not work because the named file cannot be found.


    (and is there a command to change the entire directory?)
  2. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

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