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Changing the language on a video

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by Dindi304, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Dindi304

    Dindi304 Guest

    Is there a way I can take a french video (xvid) and some how change the language to english? The problem is the frnech xvid has better picture quility than the english video and I was wondering if i could edit it to take the english sound and put it on the french video?
  2. attar

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    Jun 17, 2005
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    Assuming that the two video's are identical except for language.

    I've used Virtualdub to do this.It's not hard, but it assumes the videos are the same length.It's cheap and it's fast, but if the results aren't perfect as far as sync, it may be easier to get a different copy with a good soundtrack.

    Download VDUB.

    Download and install 'GSpot' then drag your 'English' video on to it.
    Find out what type audio (AC3, MP3) and make a note.

    Start VDUB
    File > Open Video File.....Load the English video
    File > Save Wav ........give it a name and save the English wav audio.
    Exit VDUB

    Start VDUB
    File > Open Video File....Load the French Video.
    Audio > No Audio
    Video > Direct Stream Copy
    File > Save as AVI......Save the silent French video with a new name.
    Exit VDUB

    Start VDUB
    Audio > No Audio
    File > Open Video File ......Load the Silent French video.
    Video > Direct stream Copy
    Audio > WAV Audio .......Load the English wav audio.
    Audio > Full processing mode
    Audio > Compression > choose the appropriate audio AC3 or MPeg layer 3
    File > Save as AVI .........Save it with a new name.
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