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cheap Dreambox 500S in there!!

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by tvro520, May 12, 2007.

  1. tvro520

    tvro520 Guest

    Dreambox 500S+ 1 year cardsharing acount only $ 130 USD
    server can offer 68.5E MultiChoice Africa Package 76.5 E c-sky-net 88E TBL 108 E TelkomVision 110.5 E CBTV 122E skywave 138E C band I-sky-net KU band D-sky-net 146 E dream TV C-sky-net

    my e-mail:lj2882023@yahoo.com
  2. baby41

    baby41 Guest

    Can you give me more info about postages to United Kingdom and payment method,thanks.
  3. tvro520

    tvro520 Guest

    dear :
    shipp to UK via DHL fee $80 USD
    total:130+80=$210 USD
    you can via Western Union(www.westernunion.com)send money to me
    this is my info:
    first name :jun
    last name :li
    city:deyang sichuan

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