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CHIPS...what do what

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by lepricon, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. lepricon

    lepricon Guest

    I'm having a problem finding out what the hell these chips do. I go to sites and they talk about the xecuter and all that crap and i'm left scratching my ass. I'm not sure whether it makes it so u can just use linnux or ...? I just want my xbox to quit being stupid. Halo 2 is coming out tuesday and i'm gonna be pissed if my xbox cant deal with what gets thrown at it. Any suggestions on sites that actually give info about chips. Or just any suggestions on chips. Mainly just lookin for better graphics and alot faster. Thanx alot.
  2. Degallle

    Degallle Regular member

    Oct 21, 2004
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    Read my other post about the cool care package at www.llamma.com but here are a few tips-
    1)Do you find your games get laggy or graphics start going out of wack after long periods of time?
    2)Do you feel any air flow coming from your fan in the back? If so how does if feel? (hot or cold or warm)
    3)Do you find that your games are warm or really hot after you're done playing them for long periods of time?
    4)Do you here any funning noises in your xbox?
    5)(just give some more info read below)

    So the first 3 are all heating issues if anything seems not right heating wise then I would do the www.llamma.com care package and I can help you install (just give you some do this do that instructions) but the 4th one is more of maybe your dvd drive could be going out. Reply back and I'll try to help you out some more.

    But if you plan on xbox live don't do a mod because it's not worth getting banned on xbxlive. All a modchip does is run different bios and depending on your bios you can do some cool stuff but if you don't know what your doing and have no exp. then I wouldn't just try it, you would need to read a lot on it do research and then when you feel comfortable I would try doing what you read.

    Hope that helps if you need some cool test's for you xbox to insure what it is just reply back,

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