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Choosing between 3 flash carts

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by OmegaGnat, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. OmegaGnat

    OmegaGnat Member

    Feb 6, 2008
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    So i have been looking around and want to buy a flash card or two(we have 4 DSes in the house)

    My searching seems to tell me the Cyclo DS is the most advanced cart on the market, its is the only cart on my list that includes RTS (beta as it may be) Yet, i am unsure about the hard ware as they seem to have a high rate of break down. They used to offer replacements via their forums but have ceased that now. It also seems they tend to lock topics about flash cart failure rates(they are trying to sell them after all). And the cost while not the highest is up more than some. This would be used in conjuncture with a 4GB class 6 flash card.

    And my second option Seems to be the TTDS/DSTT card which is more akin to a supped up R4 being that it uses the same save method and in fact the Transflash can be taken right out of the R4 and placed in the TTDS (This has no bearing on me what so ever as i own no MicroSD yet). Another thing that intrigues me about this card is the fact that many reports say that the more difficult game back ups (ie C:poR) seem to run off of any speed SD with no slow down. This would seem to mean one could acquire a 8 GB card to use with it, however the TTDS site clearly states in one area that SDHC to 4GB is supported and in another area it states that SDHC card to highest capacity can be used. Certainly only one of these is correct. As this card is fairly new to the market rate of break down is as yet unknown but seems to be more inline with the M3/R4 cards, that is to say low. This is by and large the cheapest option of the three.

    The third and final card on my list is the acekard:RPG. This card, as many of you know, has 1GB of Storage space on the card (as well as supporting 2 card types) that provides for the more difficult games to be played. This system also allows both for a larger sized SDHC cards and game/save trades between carts with out aid of a PC. Homebrew seems to suffer from this pairing of memory types, the situation is by no means dire but compatibility is lowest of the three. This card also connects directly to a computer via an on board USB port making card reader unneeded. As this card is open source there seems to be a lot of promise in its capabilities, but at this time it seems little has come of this. This card is the most expensive of my options, this is due to both the on board memory and relatively few places to purchase it.

    Aesthetics do not factor in to my decision.

    I specifically joined these forums to ask about these cards hoping to get a less bias opinion than i would receive on any other their respective forums.

    Is it worth is to purchase a CycloDS even with the high rate of break down and what is the actual rate percentage?

    How likely is it that Through Firmware updates will the second or third option become equal to or surpass the first?

    Is there something i am missing or have wrong?

    Any and all responses appreciated.

    Incidentally i have been watching "Curse of the Golden Dragon" while typing this and recommend it to anyone that enjoys martial arts period films.

    EDIT: it seems maybe i have not done enough research. Looked so promising too...maybe i order one any how for the price.
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  2. cyprusrom

    cyprusrom Active member

    Jan 5, 2006
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    Sorry mate, can't help you with your problem, but I was just wondering, did you mean "Curse of the Golden Folwer", instead of the "Dragon"?
    Anyway, if you like those kinds of movies, should also watch "Musa, The Warior"(if you haven't already), or "The Restless"

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