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Discussion in 'PDA discussion' started by NOTU, Mar 17, 2007.

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    May 5, 2006
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    I am trying to use my new motorola razr v3xx cell phone(CINGULAR)as a modem w/ my Dell Axim PDA. I did pair the device via bluetooth. I did successfully use the GPRS connection to view a couple of web sites. Then I started getting a cannot connect error message. I did a hard reset on the PDA and redid the bluetooth connection. It work for one web page, then errored out.

    I used the following as setup guide.

    GK Cingular WAP Dial Up Networking Settings
    Using your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone as an internet gateway is really easy….if you know how to set it up. Funny thing is that Cingular does not tell you how to use the MediaNet unlimited account I have as an internet gateway, I had to search for an hour or so online to get it working. So, if you are trying to use your mobile phone to connect to the internet and you use Cingular wireless here is how you make it happen.

    UPDATE 8/24/06:
    I just posted on how to connect your Cingular 8125 or Cingular 2125 to the internet via Bluetooth and Dial-Up Networking (DUN).
    1. First you are going to need to setup a Bluetooth connection between your phone and computer. I am not going to get into this, but you should be able to use the built in Bluetooth features of Windows XP (that is what you are using isn’t it?) to “pair” the two devices.
    2. Add a new Dial Up Networking (DUN) connection by going to the Start Menu and then right click (use the right mouse button) on My Network Places and then select Preferences.
    3. Click the “Create New Connection” link at the top of the left navigation bar. A wizard will pop up. Click the Next button and then select the Connect to Internet and then click the Next button again. Select “Set Up My Connection Manually” and then click next. Select “Connect Using a Dial-Up Modem”.
    4. The next window that pops up will show you the modems that are connected to your computer. If you do not see something like “Standard Modem Over Bluetooth Connection” listed there (or however you have connected your phone to the computer), then you will need to go back and get your phone talking to your computer. Select the modem connection over Bluetooth and click next.
    5. Type Cingular or whatever you would like to name this connection in the box and click Next.
    6. Type *99***1# as the phone number. Yes, that is the phone number.
    7. Here is the information to type in the next boxes:
    password: CINGULAR1
    Select the box about using the connection for anyone that uses your computer (unless you don’t want to) and uncheck the second (unless this is your only or default connection).
    You should be good to go. Use this connection as any other Dial-Up connection. In the connection properties, you can set the port speed to 230k if you have an EDGE enabled phone, although I have not seen anything close to the 115K that EGDE is supposed to deliver. Let me know if you have any trouble.
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    Apr 19, 2007
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