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CloneDVD Audio Encoding Selections....

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by sandalboy, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. sandalboy

    sandalboy Guest

    Hi there. i just signed up recently, but have been an avid reader of the group for many weeks now. thank you for all the wonderful information. you guys have been very helpful. I have been burning DVD's off an on for the past few months, but i'm curious about the Audio Encoding selection under Stream Preferences. Generally i have the options of DTS and Dolby AC-3. I would like to have both, but if i select only one of the two my Quality percentage increases by nearly 10%. I was wondering if anyone could give any insight into these two. i have read that DTS (digital theather systems) is necessary for in home theatre sound systems, but do i need both? or can i get away with only choosing one? Thank you so much, :)
  2. sandalboy

    sandalboy Guest

    Nevermind, i think i have found the answer in a guide by Doom9.net about the audio streaming with CloneDVD. To let you guys know you only have to select what you need (duh). The guide stated that only some of the extras need 2 channel audio, by selecting the DTS (6 channel) the audio will not work. Just to let you know, i hope i have helped someone more than myself. Thank you :)

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