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Codecs, Versions & Settings used by Online Music Stores?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by halc, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. halc

    halc Member

    Mar 11, 2005
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    Has anybody tried to compile a list of codecs (provider, version number and perhaps even encoder settings) that various Online music stores use to encode their music?

    I'm mostly interested in the worldwide big stores (or ones that are trying to aim to be worldwide, even though they may not be that yet).

    So, anybody know what compressor versions/settings the following use (as an example):

    - Apple ITunes store (www.itunes.com)
    - Real Rhapsody (www.rhapsody.com)
    - Napster (www.napster.com)
    - Musicmatch (www.musicmatch.com)
    - MSN Music
    - etc.

    Also, on the subject, does anybody know the Top5 of worldwide online music stores (based on revenue or titles sold)? I'm sure ITunes is number one, but the relative ranking of Rhapsody, MusicMatch, MSN, WalMart, etc is still a mystery to me.


    PS This is merely out of academic interest. I'm not going to base my music purchases on this information :)
  2. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    Apple (iTunes) uses the AAC (Mp4) format with their own proprietary type of DRM. Thats why the iPod is the only decive that can play protected AAC files (.m4p). They also encode at 128 kbps. I think everyone else uses the WMA format with a DRM scheme developed by Microsoft. No legal site uses the Mp3 format because it doesn't offer any type of DRM protection.

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