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Coinops ignite!!new mame for xbox.

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by xyteam, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. xyteam

    xyteam Member

    Apr 18, 2009
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    ok guys heres a new updated version of mame for xbox.
    Welcome to HD !

    Coinops Ignite will allow you to play your arcade games in 720p and enjoy a new experience.
    This emu has been thought to be useful and simple to use for everyone.

    The standalone release contains a prefered 1000 games list, chosen from 2500 working games.
    All the recommended games have been tested and configurated (normal settings, normal coinage).
    BritneysPairs also delivers screenshots for all those games, redone for quality and to fit the emu.

    Prefered games Screenshots (A to L games): click HERE
    Prefered games Screenshots (M to Z games): click HERE

    CoinOPS IGNITE features:

    - HD Mode 720p
    - Clean Interface with large previews and information overlay
    - Autofire: Semi-auto and Full auto allowing charge (one click ingame)
    - Vertical Games Rotation 90° for horizontal gameplay (rotated keys)
    - 90° rotation for Tate monitors (everything rotated except Skin)
    - Widescreen functions (extended aspect ratio for rotated and horizontal games)

    First use WARNING !

    Place the content of the Save folder in E:\TDATA and E:\UDATA.
    The save is called babe2009.
    (If you want to keep your settings and rom folders paths from a previous IGNITE beta
    just place your configurated mameox.ini in e:\tdata\babe2009\system)

    After a first launch, use the "Scan All Your Games" Function to be able to sort by genre.

    Using the Features.

    CoinOpS is easy to use and protected. You can lock a lot of options if you're afraid of new users.

    - When the advanced settings are hidden then you hide too:

    adding or removing the time played games stats,
    adding or removing the roms
    refreshing the games infos
    the default gamepad remapping
    the ingame settings (keys & dip switches) : Only the CHEATS will be shown

    In the basic settings page you'll find interface options, rotation 90° and autofire options.

    - Allowing the advanced settings opens the pandora's box.

    here you choose the video mode, the widescreen features, the sound quality,
    the vm settings, the Tate monitor, the button for autofire.
    Here you can also unlock the keys remapping for ingame functions (gamepad defaults)
    Pressing the 2 thumbs will enter the hidden path selection settings.
    (if you have defined a new rom folder then use the "Scan All Your Games Function")


    Ingame autofire: Left thumb=Semiauto (press FIRE key to shoot but no charge)
    Right thumb=Full Auto (fires without pressing, press when you want to charge weapon)
    BACK disables the autofire

    Detailed BUTTONS and FEATURE (can be read in CoinOPS IGNITE main menu)

    ----------------------- IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------

    BACK - Insert Credit
    START - Play Game
    BACK and START - Go back to GAME Selection

    A - Button 1 ( Normally Fire )
    B - Button 2 ( Normally Jump )
    X - Button 3
    Y - Button 4
    Left Trigger - Rotate Gun or Brake
    Right Trigger - Rotate Gun or Accelerate

    BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Keys or Cheat

    Left Thumb Button - Enable Semi-Automatic fire
    Right Thumb Button - Enable Autofire ( Pressing fire can charge your weapons )
    BACK - Quickly Disable Autofire

    ----------------------- GAME SELECTION CONTROLS -----------------------

    WHITE - Favorite / Average GAME switch ( Favorite game shows as GOLD colour )
    BLACK - All / Favorite GAMES switch ( Shows all GAMES or GOLD Games )

    Gamepad Left - Jump up for fast finding a GAME
    Gamepad Right - Jump down for fast finding a GAME

    BACK - This will change sort method By NAME, By YEAR, By MOST PLAYED.......
    X - Sort by Name
    Y - Sort by Type
    B - Sort by Manufacturer
    Left or Right Thumb Button - Sort by Times Played ( Jump to Most Played )

    ----------------------- ADVANCED IN GAME CONTROLS -----------------------

    BACK and WHITE - Pause Game and Remap Keys or Cheat
    BACK and BLACK - Show Framerate And Free Memory
    BACK and Left Trigger and Right Trigger - Restart Game
    BACK and Right Thumb Button - Onscreen Display
    BACK and Right Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Load Game ( Buggy )
    BACK and Left Trigger and Right Thumb Button - Save Game ( Buggy )
    BACK and Left Thumb Button - Lightgun Crosshair Display
    BACK and A and B - Take In Game Snapshot

    ----------------------- GAME SELECTION COLORS -----------------------

    Colorise Your Game Selection must be ENABLED

    WHITE - Stardard Game
    GOLD - Set to Favorite
    DARK GREEN - All Time Classic Game
    LIGHT GREEN - Hot Game
    BLUE - Game doesnt have sound
    RED - Lightgun supported Game

    Some new games have been added like streetfighter1,raiden fighters2 and fixeight.
    you can play all your favourite neogeo,cps1,cps2 and older calssics on this.
    i dont know if i am allowed to post a download link,so if creaky says its ok then i will edit this post with a link.
  2. countach

    countach Member

    May 24, 2009
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    can someone please tell me how to I burn this? I know nothing on how to do this, so can someone give me the steps?

    thanks w.
  3. lawrencejd

    lawrencejd Newbie

    Aug 19, 2019
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    where is the download link??
  4. scorpNZ

    scorpNZ Active member

    Mar 23, 2005
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    The links don't exist as your replying to a thread that's 10 years old. The dates of any post is at the bottom of each post.

    The official site of coinops see link below . Be warned don't ask where to download it from if you create a post there as you'll get booted from the site & most likely banned.. You may not be able to run coinops as it appears softmods are not supported. You could try it out out if you web search for a torrent of coinops lite to test run on your system unless there's a coinop version that is for softs
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