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Community Television Channel Hardware

Discussion in 'Home Theater PC' started by Xaledenar, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Xaledenar

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    Jul 14, 2015
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    I'm afraid no matter where I post this, it will be the wrong forum, but I'll take a chance with this one.

    So here's the issue. Years ago, the property I work at went with a company called BulkTV to provide television service. They suck. However, one of the things they included was a "Community TV Channel" - perhaps you've seen them in cheap motels where there is a screen with scrolling marquee of news + a current weather section and a logo for the hotel.

    Anyway, the hardware that was purchased to do all of that was left behind and we were able to incorporate it into the new ISP/TV provider. Recently, the screen (on any TV) is fuzzy, we're talking unreadable fuzzy.

    Here's the current setup and what I'm asking for is newer hardware that can replace all this old stuff so that it might last longer and provide an even better picture than before.

    HP Slimline Windows 7 machine is running a power point and a looped Media Player play list it is connected to a VGA splitter with one VGA cable running to the computer's monitor and the other cable connected to the splitter is an AI Tech Web Cable Plus.


    It then runs to a Cabletronix AV Modulator (seen below). There is then another coax cable that runs from this to a jack in the wall (I believe). The Modulator is set to Channel 64 and so long as you're using the non-elevated Hargray (TV/ISP company) package, if you're on Channel 64 you see the Community Channel (if staying on our property).



    So here's the weird part. When you boot the computer up, the Windows logo is clear (as clear as it has been given the antiquated technology present). However, as soon as it gets to the desktop, instance fuzzy picture (on TVs, not the monitor). I've swapped the computer out entirely, same issue with the other computer. The sound works fine. I have swapped the ports on the VGA splitter, moving the monitor to 2 and the AI Tech Web Cable to 1. Same problem and the monitor picture is still crystal clear.

    I am at the point where I can spend another $100 on a new AI Tech Web Cable, but I don't know if that's the problem. I could also spend another $200 on a new Cabletronix AV Modulator, but again, I don't know if that's the problem. Money isn't a -huge- option so long as it pays in the long run. However, I'm more curious if there is a newer (more economically priced) alternative where I can get new hardware to accomplish the same thing... which in a nutshell: Make a Windows 7 PC feed a power point and music to Channel 64 on our property.

    Any solutions out there?

    Thanks for taking your time to read this and if a Mod notices I have this in the wrong area, move it where ever it is best suited OR tell me another forum I should be asking. I've been a long time reader/fan of this forum hence why I came here first.
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