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Complicated Issue With Nero and Reinstalling DVD+RW

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by bawlf, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. bawlf

    bawlf Member

    Apr 19, 2007
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    Alright, here's the history of my problem. About a year ago, I installed a DVD burner (Sony DVD RW DW-U12A) into my computer. A friend had upgraded his dvd burner and just gave it to me. With a bit of computer knowledge, I installed it and it worked properly, although the CD-RW drive(HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE8160B)that I already had in the computer didn't want to burn anymore, but since the dvd burner was working, I wasn't concerned. Two weeks ago, I started getting a "Power Calibration Error" in Nero, and I wasn't able to burn DVD's anymore. Although, I could still burn CD-R's with it, however NOT CD-RW's. I downloaded the drivers again, and it hasn't changed.
    So I'm looking for information as to why my DVD burner won't burn DVD-R's, CD-RW but does burn CD-R's. Second, if there's anything I should do because of the Power Calibration Error in Nero, that would also be extremely helpful. Lastly, if its too messed up, could you please explain how I should reinstall the DVD-RW drive, and how you'll hook it up in correlation with the existing CD-RW drive.
    I realize that's alot of information, but I really need this back and running.
  2. laddyboy

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    You need to make sure the CD burner and the DVD burner are properly jumpered. One need to be the master and the other the slave. If they are misjumpered, they likely won't work together. It's possible both are jumpered as masters for example. Sometimes there is a diagram on the drive which shows which jumper is which. DVD burners often like to be the master so I'd make the DVD burner the master and the CD burner the slave. You'll also need to make sure the correct IDE connection is made to each burner. Slave to slave, master to master. Some computer systems use software selection for deciding master/slave and there's a jumper for that as well. If there isn't a diagram for the jumper settings, go to the burner manufacturer web site and find the manual for that drive. It'll have the jumpers identified. Ot google search.

    Power calibration errors can be either hardware related or media related. In other words it's possible your drive is going bad, but other things are possible as well.

    Post the Nero History log section for one of the burns that produced a power calibration error message and we'll see what happened. The history file is in one of these paths:

    Nero 6: Program Files -> Ahead -> Nero -> NeroHistory
    Nero 7: Program Files -> Nero -> Nero7 -> Core -> NeroHistory

    You can also try burning with ImgB urn to see if that program will burn for you. Just create an image file in your authoring software and burn the image with ImgBurn.


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