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computer shutting down

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by jtheod, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. jtheod

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    Jan 25, 2006
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    I installed a wireless adapter, and then later in the day was prompted to install microsoft defender. I already had AVG and a trial version of Norton. During the install I was prompted to remove one of the two (maybe both wasn't quite sure), but I kept AVG. The next time I restarted my computer it constantly restarted before the previous restart had completed. I can only keep it running in safemode. While in safemode, I did a restore to a point before installing the adapter, but it still keeps restarting. Any suggestions from the experts?? And will a repair install help me??
  2. tripplite

    tripplite Guest

    you should never have more than 1 virus sofware on your computer, i would take out my hardrive, back it up, re install windows and put back the stufgf i needed, this is the quickest and easyist way possible, been through it 5 times and trust me get some guides from the internet or a book store and do it

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