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Computer wont start!

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by cassiuss, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. cassiuss

    cassiuss Guest

    alright..i have a hpo pavilion.....and a friend of mine installed somethin called goback wich made my machine run slower...then he atempted to install a new soundcard and now my computer wont start...

    it will go to the go back screeen and just keep blinkin it says to repair problems press spacebar i do it andn othin hapopens...the only options i get are revert drive and boot from floppy but neither work...But when i hol down ctrl it brings up a black screen with white lettering that gives me three options...start windows with cd rom support without or view help file...

    when i click them it says starting will take a few seconds...but then it comes up saying all kind of files are missing..or if i have a disk in it will come up like a:> ...im not sure what to do so please help...btw i have windows 98 on it
  2. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Sounds like IRQ conflict? I would personally reccomend a format :)
  3. cozza1987

    cozza1987 Guest


    Basically.... format. if you are getting all kind of files are missing.
    From Experience, if you are going to put the HDD in another computer, you will need to disable GoBack somehow otherwise the HDD wont been seen in Windows.


  4. cassiuss

    cassiuss Guest

    umm im not saure how to do none of that ?
  5. zany

    zany Member

    Mar 13, 2004
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    The best thing you can do is format your hard drive and reinstall windows
  6. cozza1987

    cozza1987 Guest

    The Only problem with cassiuss just formating is, any data they have will be lost. You have to try get back into thte computer to disable GoBack otherwise, if u put it in another computer, windows wont reckonize it. So if they dont have the data backed up, try 2 disable GoBack, if they do... well then just format....

  7. cassiuss

    cassiuss Guest

    how do i disable goback and how do i format
  8. cozza1987

    cozza1987 Guest

    [bold]-Not sure if HP does, but sometimes they have a recovery CD which formats and loads Windows etc on for you. If not you can do the stuff below. Or if you dont know wat ur doing, its best to take it to the local computer shop and they can do it for you.[/bold]

    To disable GoBack while the computer is first starting
    When the GoBack screen appears, press the spacebar. A GoBack menu appears.
    Click Disable GoBack.
    Click Yes if you want to continue.

    If that doesnt work there is another way...
    Only do this if the 1st way doesnt work....

    Note: Because the timing of the key-presses that are described in this section can be critical, especially on a fast computer, we strongly suggest that you try this more than once if you are not successful the first time.

    Turn off the computer.
    Start the computer, and then immediately press and hold down the Ctrl+Alt+G keys. A message will appear that gives you the option to force the removal of GoBack from the master boot record. Note that some computers require that you hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys while rapidly tapping the G key.
    Press F to force the removal of GoBack from the master boot record.
    Restart the computer.

    Try starting up your computer and see if it loads.
    If it doesnt, take the HDD out of your computer and it in another computer and transfer the data across to the other HDD or Burn it to CD's.

    Note: Make sure you have backed up all the stuff u want, double check. Also check to see if you have a copy of windows and your programs you use.

    [bold] WARNING: this will wipe everything from the computer [/bold]
    To Format:
    Insert a Windows Boot Disk and start the computer.
    At the A prompt type A:/> fdisk .. Agree to the screens that come up. Now choose number 3 Option, remove partition, then Option 1, Remove Primary Partition. Once that has done, back at the main menu Select Option 1, create Partition, then Option1 again, Create Primary Partition. When that is done, restart the computer.
    Boot from the floppy again. now type A:>/ format C:\u
    That will do an unconditional format of C drive.
    Once that is done the HDD will be blank, nothing on it. Then you can install windows.


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