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Concerns CUE files

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Rakham, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Rakham

    Rakham Guest

    Good evening,
    Something terrible happened to me. I opened a CUE file with Notepad but did not pay attention about the little check box "always use the selected program..."
    Now, ALL my CUE files show the Notepad icon. How can I reverse this situation. I have been searching Google for 10 hours and no solution so far.
    Thank you for your kind attention.
  2. Rakham

    Rakham Guest

    Ok in the meantime I kept searching and I found a brilliant solution.
    Not to remove the notepad icons but to open the CUE files.
    I found Medieval CUE Splitter which cuts all the APE files and just after I pass those files through Switch which converts them into WAV or MP3 or else...
    It is very fast and very easy to do.
    Hope somebody will find an answer for the icons matter :)
    Best regards
  3. nonglek

    nonglek Member

    Jul 13, 2007
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    Method 1:
    1. Right click at your CUE file
    2. Point mouse cursor at Open With
    3. If the Program you want to open CUE is not list here then left click at Choose Program...
    4. Click Browse... button to find the program to execute CUE file

    Method 2:
    1. Click Folder Options... in Tools menu bar from Windows Explorer
    2. Left click at File Types tab
    3. Look for CUE from extensions columns
    4. Left click once to hilight at CUE line
    5. Click Changes... button
    6. Click Browse... button to find the program to execute CUE file

    Good luck on your journey,

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