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Confirmed News: Blue Gateway 3DS Card Can Work On 3DS V6.1.0

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by lovegame, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. lovegame

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    Sep 17, 2012
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    When gateway 3ds comes to our eyes, it does not confirm will work on the latest 3ds v6.1.0-12, someone said he will not lose control to buy a expensive card and then it can't work on 3DS V6.1.0. But who knows, according to the frequent news update, maybe it can be compatible with the latest version of 3DS later. Anyway, someone will pay attention to it yet.

    However, from gateway 3ds official website updated on Jul.29, 2013, the blue gateway 3ds can play ds games, just like other flashcarts and this card can work on 3ds v6.1.0. The red gateway 3ds can play 3ds games, but still only support V4.5. Gateway 3ds team are trying to develop the red gateway 3ds card that can play 3ds games on 3ds v6.1.0, hope that its red gateway 3ds card can be improved for 3DS v6.1.0 soon.

    This is the detailed updated news on 29/07/2013

    First units to ship this week !

    And a quick note to update our FAQ regarding the use of the "blue" card and recent title releases:

    Can the blue card run DS home brew ?

    YES :- The bundled blue ds card, is in essence a standard DS cart capable of both DS backups and home brew for DS mode, tested to work on 6.1

    Is the blue card required for every power cycle ?

    No :- Our custom Gateway Installer DS app is only required to be run once to setup and thereafter any time the console is used in DS mode.

    Does Gateway support all games:

    No :- Animal Crossing uses unique NAND based save hardware in the cart, support will be added through a GW firmware update. Mario (released last week) is forcing 5.1 update. We have prioritised work on supporting all such future releases. Stay tuned.

    Please NOTE the FAQ update was specifically speaking about our bundled BLUE DS card not the Gateway RED 3DS card ! as mentioned the Blue DS card is a standard DS card for DS mode. Gateway works on (4.1 -> 4.5) only for now.

    Source: http://r4i-3ds.com/nds-r4-3ds/confirmed-news-blue-gateway-3ds-card-can-work-on-3ds-v6-1-0-252/
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    Mar 22, 2013
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    old news

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