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Connecting a DVR to HD cable box and HD TV

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by tgunn2760, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. tgunn2760

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    Jun 8, 2014
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    What is the proper way to do this?
    I have it hooked up this way now:

    Cable to HD cable box
    output of HD cable box to output of DVR-it's a Pioneer upconverting to 1080p
    both HD cable box and DVR connected to HD TV with HDMI cables
    TV only has one HDMI output so I have used an HDMI switcher which works fine
    problem: when viewing TV through DVR it is NOT HD
    I had output of HD cable box connected to DVR "antenna" before but got same results, no HD on DVR
    any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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