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converting a wavelab 5 authored dvd-audio to ?, to make it dvd video compatible

Discussion in 'High resolution audio' started by plugexprt, May 28, 2005.

  1. plugexprt

    plugexprt Guest

    Hello, first post and already pulling all the hairs out of my head, hopefully you guys can help me out here.

    I'm a musician attending the conservatory in the hague, and for an assignment we had to construct a 4 channel piece using the nord modular. I've used wavelab 5 to create the surround mix + burned a dvd-audio disc with it,.....Now when I try to play it in a dvd video player, nothing happens. I've tried every dvd player I could find. After some browsing on the net, and this forum, I found some answers why this isn't possible , but still things are not 100% clear to me.

    Whenever you construct a dvd-audio disc, is it nescesary to incude authored dvd-video content in the VIDEO_TS folder? How do I set up a reference from the authored video to the surround mix in the AUDIO_TS folder. Wavelab 5 has a feature that lets you include a menu , how does this correspond to a menu made in a dvd video authoring software??

    Is there a way to convert the dvd-audio content in such a way that a dvd-video player can playback the surround mix? What program could I use for this sort of conversion , dvd-audio to dts etc?

    damn, sorry for all these question, I'm desperate ...deadline is next monday :-$


    Richard Jonas the plugexpert

  2. plugexprt

    plugexprt Guest

    I've been mailed the truth by mr.Wilkes:


    You are going about this in the wrong way.
    The thing is, the Audio_TS folder created in WaveLab is for DVD-Audio, and the requirement for playing in DVD-Video players is that all the files are in the Video_TS folder.
    What you need to do here is create a DVD-V disc, not a DVD-A one.
    Let me try to clarify the situation for you.

    DVD-Audio format & specifics
    All Audio must be either PCM or MLP encoded.
    Format is Audio dominant, Graphic subservient.
    All DVD-A must be played back on a regular DVD-A capable system.
    Now - it is possible to author a hybrid disc, which will play on all systems. However, to do this you first need to author a fully working Video_TS folder, using a very specialised DVD-V authoring application as there are severe restrictions on importing a video_TS into a DVD-A project.
    The video_TS must contain either PCM stereo, or Dolby Digital multichannel when in NTSC format. You can add DTS, but the PCM or Dolby Digital is mandatory. In PAL areas, you can use MPG multichannel too, but bear in mind a lot of players will not support this.
    Once this has been done, you can then import the video_TS into a DVD-A application for inclusion of the High Res audio.

    NB - WaveLab will allow import of a video_TS folder, but is illegal format as you cannot actually access the video_TS from WaveLab which takes you out of spec.

    You CANNOT use WaveLab to do what you need to do - sorry.
    You cannot access the video_TS at all from WaveLab.

    Neil Wilkes

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