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Converting .AVI-- DIVXMPG4 V3 to MPEG2(DVD) ??

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by karada88, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. karada88

    karada88 Guest

    Hi, i am a newbie and i've been working endlessly around the clock to just simply get a taste of what it
    feels to successfully create a DVD movie so i can just simply watch on my standalone Norcent DVD player. The source file is in .AVI format and i know it needs to be converted to MPEG2(DVD) standard(white-book), before i can burn on to a DVD-R or DVD+RW disc in order to be able to play in the standalone dvd player.

    Ok here's the details of the .AVI file:
    resolution= 512 x 384px
    Audio Bit Rate= 96kbps
    Audio format= Lame MP3
    Frame rate= 25/fps
    Data rate= 112kbps
    Video sample size= 24bit
    Video compression= DIVXMPEG4 V3

    Please correct me if i'm wrong, i've only been studying this for a week with less sleep, i'm guessing that any standard or most regular DVD players cannot support DIVXMPEG4 video compression. Most players out there only play either VCD which is MPEG1, or SVCD or DVD which is actually in MPEG2 format. Now back to the point, which means that since my .AVI file is in MPEG4 format, it needs to be converted back to MPEG2, before i can use some authoring tools such as "DVDit" to burn finally on to DVD-R or DVD+RW medium or media so i can finally rest and watch on my standalone DVD player :), which i don't think is compatible with DIVX.
    If my theory is correct here are the steps i need to take, please correct me anyone if i'm wrong, for i am still guessing here.
    Step 1.
    If my theory is correct then, that means in my situation, i would first have to use a good video compression tool like TMPGEnc 3.0 to convert the .AVI file back to a standard MPEG2 with NTSC 4:3 aspect ratio since i'm in North America and wait another 20 hrs so TMPGEnc will do the work. I will use the stream option: ES(Video+Audio), so i can get 2 separate files once converion is finished, one for Video which ends with the file ext ".m2v", and .wav for audio. Since i heard its better quality converion this way. So after converion, do i have to join the audio+video files back in one piece, or do i just use DVDit to burn my DVD and everthing will be nsync? Or should i just stick with the stream option system(Video+Audio) to avoid the hassle of having to worry about the audio+video being intact just because i really don't know, and i don't want to waste any more time, waiting countless hrs for the converion process.
    And is it even possible with TMPGEnc to convert DIVXMPG4 V3 video compression back to MPEG2 for standard DVD compatiblity??
    Step 2. Once the converion is finished i will create a new project using the simple authoring tool called "DVDit" to import the ".m2v" + ".wav" file.
    Then set the destination for my DVD Writer to burn to my DVD+RW disc.
    Will this theory of mine actually work? if not please guide me to the right direction anyone out there, thanks a million in advance.
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    Apr 25, 2004
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