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Converting different types of files with DVD Santa

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by matahari, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. matahari

    matahari Guest

    Hi everyone,

    So far I have always been using TMPGenc Xpress to convert mostly avi files to mpg files and then use TMPGenc DVD Author to make a DVD out of all the files, sometimes re-do the sound etc... and as you all know this process takes a while.
    I recently experienced a little problem burning DVDs but thanks to all of you the problem is now resolved.
    However while solving the burning problem someone recommended me to use DVD Santa for converting and burning. I was wondering if DVD Santa can convert different types of files, or the same type of files but let's say with a different type of audio e.g. avi files but the one is with AC3 audio format and the other MPEG1/2? I am asking this because if it is possible then I wouldn't have to convert all files one by one and also would skip the convesion to mpg files, in that way the whole process seems shorter. What are the advantages and the disadvantages? Or is there a even shorter way that I haven't heard of?
    Thanks, any advise really appreciated!
  2. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    well there's VSO DvxToDVD http://www.vso-software.fr/
    The converting tool is free.

    DVDSanta is also free if you don't mind the logo,and price showing.

    I used Santa recently when I had a very good AVI version of Layer Cake
    converting it to DVD with VSO gave me a sound track 7.5 seconds out
    the same with the Santa convertion but Santa does allow sync correction

    regards gringle
  3. matahari

    matahari Guest

    Thanks for your help Gringle!
    Please tell me if the program can convert different types of files at the same time (one convertion), or the same type of files but let's say with a different type of audio e.g. avi files but the one is with AC3 audio format and the other MPEG1/2? Does it also repairs audio if needed?
    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  4. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    I'd check out the respective sites if I were you just to make sure, I do know the VSO program discards defective frames, so AVI movies that used to freeze burn ok as DVDs'.

    regards gringle
  5. matahari

    matahari Guest

    I am sorry... but what do you mean by respective sites?

  6. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    check out the VSO site and the DVDSanta site for the finer details.

    Sorry about that it's English UK expression :) I've just done an allnight session, and I wasn't thinging.

    regards gringle
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  7. matahari

    matahari Guest

    OK, I'll do that. But the short answer is NO, right?
    Thanks for your help!
  8. matahari

    matahari Guest

    Well, I went through the official sites and they are saying that you can convert various amount of files together, but they don't say anything if these files are a different format e.g. avi with mpg or avi but with a different audio format. So I believe that the various files that they are suggesting to convert together have to have exactly the same video and audio format (avi with avi, mpg with mpg) and just go on pure luck. Please correct me if I am wrong...
  9. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    I hadn't really noticed to be honest, the only one I had problems with was layer cake, and I put that down to it's sneaky encryption.

    well I'm of to bed now 9.30am here in the UK :)

    see ya later.


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