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Converting vhs to dvd and editing

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by WTCAMB, Feb 12, 2004.


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    Feb 12, 2004
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    I am a newbie. I have old vhs family video tapes. I have a Sansui combination vhs/dvd recorder which will let me dub these tapes to a dvd-r or dvd-rw. I also have a NEC DVD +RW ND-1100 A burner on my pc. I would like to edit out some of the scenes on the videos on my dvd after dubbing. Using dvd shrink it creates VIDEO_TS files. They come up like VTS_01_1, etc.
    What type of editing program do I need? Most will not recognize these type files. I have Adobe Premiere 6.5., but it is looking for different type files, not the one I get on my DVD. I have no capture device because I thought after dubbing to a DVD, I might be able to edit. Do I need a capture device to do this to do this or do I need some special software?
  2. rick5446

    rick5446 Guest

    Mpeg-VCR !!! u can edit out any section u want.just play with it a bit,& u-will get the hang cut left,cut right,cut between.u'll see what I mean once u start playing. u won't ruin your original as it make a diff movie for u

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