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Converting VHS videos for the Web

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by euqinu1, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. euqinu1

    euqinu1 Guest

    I'm a newbie; so, please keep your answers fairly simple.

    1) I want to convert short VHS videos (3-5 minutes) to a format that can be downloaded from the Web. Which format (eg., MPEG) is the best as far as picture and sound quality, file size, etc.?

    2) What do I need to convert them (hardware and software)? How do I find out which is the best equipment- is there a magazine or a Website that rates the equipment?

    3) Without sacrificing quality or sync, how much disk space would a 5 minute video (with sound) use?

    I have a Pentium II 400 Mhz computer, with Windows 98SE, 320 Megs of RAM, and 30 Gigs of disk space free.

    I don't need anything that does special effects. I just need something that does a straight copy from VHS to PC to Web.
  2. herb

    herb Guest

    You might need a video capture card with either rca (3 or 2) or s-video inputs.
    The card's software will determine the quality and size. Mpeg-1 (vcd) is usable and small. avi-Divx is better quality but not huge.
    5 minutes in mpeg-2 is less than 1 gig.
    5 minutes in avi-divx may be about 10 megs.

  3. euqinu1

    euqinu1 Guest

    Is there a place (Website or magazine) where they rate the video capture cards and software? I have read a lot about dropped frames, deterioration, incompatibility, etc. I want to be sure to buy a good product.

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