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copy dvd image from hard disk to dvd disc

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by loumakos, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. loumakos

    loumakos Guest

    I made wirh a dvd shrink a copy from a dvd disk to a folder on my hard disk.

    then i made a copy from hard disk to a dvd disk through NERO dvd video.

    Everything qoes on and i tested my copy in my computer with POWER dvd players and all it is ok.

    Then i try to watch movie from my dvd player which i have connected with my tv. THE result was negative. I couldnt watch anything because dvd player says that my disk has error. I gave my disk in a friend, he tried to watch it in his dvd player and everything was ok.

    Then i made a new disk from another dvd burner from another computer. The result was the same for my dvd player.

  2. Vedas830

    Vedas830 Guest

    Need some info from you
    What burner do you have ?
    What type of Media -R +R ect
    Do you have a Valid ASPI Layer ?
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  3. bbmayo

    bbmayo Active member

    Oct 31, 2004
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    This just sounds like a compatability issue between your stand alone DVD Player and the media you are using. You need to check your DVD Players operating manual or look on there website and see which format it is supposed to read + or - or both. It also just may not be compatable with the brand of disk you are using you can check here for your players compatability
    Compatability List

    Hope this helps :)

  4. loumakos

    loumakos Guest

    Really thanks for interesting.

    At the end i found the problem or i can say i solved without to have the full knowledge why?

    I forgot to write you that i was using nero for making copy. I used nero smart. THIS was the PROBLEM. Yesterday i used nero burning rom Directly and i choose to make dvd video and believe me everything it was ok when i check it in my dvd player. When i used nero smart i was choosing to write dvd data.

    As i said before, i solve the problem but i didnt understand why? because the disks what i was making before, other dvd players they accepted them.
  5. pulsar

    pulsar Active member

    Dec 31, 2003
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    Always use nero burning rom instead of smart! Smart sucks!

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