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Copy music, videos etc from ipod to ipod

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by Waymon3X6, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Waymon3X6

    Waymon3X6 Regular member

    Mar 9, 2006
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    Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knew how to copy everything from one ipod to another. Like take all the music, videos etc from one ipod and transfer them to another.


    EDIT: Or, is there any free software out there so that I can copy the songs from my old ipod and then just paste them in itunes and sync them with the new one? I tried all the things in the guide that's in the main forum, but either I can only copy a couple of my songs, or I cant at all.

    By the way, I have 1620 songs on my old ipod, and 39 movies/videos, 12 tv shows and 1060 photos. i need to copy everything back!!
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  2. tomsonmor

    tomsonmor Guest

    Apple has released some software which may help you.

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