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Copying any game & getting them to work right, EA sports & Long Names

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by Diontae16, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Diontae16

    Diontae16 Guest

    This guide is for copying games with long names and making them bootable. This is unconfirmed.

    Use - Boxplorer or Xcommander.

    1. First, see if you have a folder called "HDDLoader" on the E:, F:, or G: drive by using the "PxHDDLoader" Game Copying App. If not, make a new folder called "HDDLoader". Inside of the folder, Make another folder of the game you want to copy properly (even long name Games). Now put the game in the DVD Drive. Select D: drive. Now copy all the files from the D: drive to the new folder with the name of the game you are trying to copy it to. Now you should be able to choose the game either form the "Games" menu or by choosing the "default.xbe". If you're experiencing any problems playing games with long names let me know.
  2. Diontae16

    Diontae16 Guest

    Also, Definitely yhe best Modchip is the Chameleon, Case Closed.

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