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Copying DVD-RAM to DVD -R

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Ravsdad, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Ravsdad

    Ravsdad Guest

    I would like to back up DVD-RAM discs created on my Panny DMR-E50 to DVD minus R discs in order to play them on my other DVD playback machines. Nero 6 doesn't recognise the file format - I have purchased a plug-in but this doesn't seem to help either. Panasonic say that only a program sold by them (or an affiliate) can convert the files and I think its quite expensive.

    I have an LG4040B drive, I'm using XP Pro SP1 (at present). Anyone able to assist with possible alternatives?
  2. robster52

    robster52 Guest

    HI Ravsdad

    Been trying to do the same thing for a week or so now, (I have the same Panasonic recorder as you) trying different progs without much success until the other day.
    Havent burnt the disc yet but confident this method works.

    Copy the entire directory from the RAM disc to your hard drive.

    Use tmpgenc to "simple demultiplex" the file into video and audio.

    Use Tmpgenc dvd author to create a new disc using these files (think this had to be the full version and not the trial, the trial version kept complaining about memory)

    let me know if this helps

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