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Copying from CD to CD etc.

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by emgordon, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. emgordon

    emgordon Guest

    I have recently updated from ME to XP using an OEM so I am unable to get help directly from Microsoft.I do not now know what to do to get my system working as it should. Too many hiccups are happening.

    Basically I find certain hardware disabled and I am unable to copy from CD to CD.

    The Engineer reinstalled The Adaptec (Roxio) CD Recording Software (which includes Easy CD Creator 4 and Direct CD)
    But, because of what happened very quickly after he left, I did some fast checking and I found that version is totally incompatible with XP!

    I was being confronted with all sorts of error messages and dialogue boxes saying one or other of the following.....
    Adaptec CD Copier...CD Copier could not locate a supported CD-Rom Reader. You will not be able to make disc to disc copies.
    CD Copier cannot find Easy CD Creator. Please re-install Easy CD Creator.
    Easy CD Creator Engine initialisation has failed....

    Not knowing what was happening and having little knowledge of the workings of a computer, I removed the programme using Add/Remove Programmes. If it was indeed incompatible I decided it was better not part of my system.
    I also tried to remove any other bits and pieces but still to this day, I am unfortunately having problems.

    Re.my Pioneer DVD-ROM. DVD-116 and Samsung CD-R/RW SW-212B hardware....
    Despite updating their drivers I found them disabled, presumably by Windows. They still remain disabled today.

    I also had these error messages every time I started up and for some strange reason, and I still continue to have exactly the same ones today, every time .....even though the programme has been uninstalled ( presumably)
    'Devices or Applications Disabled'.
    "CD Recording Software" will cause Windows to become unstable.
    Windows has prevented these drivers from loading. Click here for more details.'

    This message leads me to Microsoft Support .....Error message No. 315345.............

    'A CD -recording device is installed that might cause stability problems, incl problems shutting down and problems using a CD/DVD drive.
    This driver will be disabled.'
    'The drivers may be installed by Easy CD Creator or Windows Media Player or Real Jukebox' (I don't have the latter)
    'You might not be able to record CD's until you obtain compatible drivers.'

    "The Cdralw2k service has failed to start due to the following error etc.
    This driver has been blocked from loading.
    For more information see Help and Support etc.'

    One reason quoted..
    'You have an early version of Easy CD Creator installed on your Windows XP based computer.
    The drivers for some early versions are incompatible with XP.
    When you uninstall it some registry settings and files may remain on the computer".

    So...as I definately did not want to touch the Registry, I only ran the first stage of their Resolution which sounded quite safe and that was to do a Search typing in cdr*sys., and then be prepared 'to rename the files Cdr4-2K.sys or Cdralw2k.sys' if found, all as per their instructions, But, I found neither file is on my system. I ran this Search 3 times plus again in full, using all letters and numbers.Nothing at all, even in hidden files.

    As I said, I am STILL today getting the same start up error messages plus the drivers for both my Pioneer DVD-ROM. DVD-116 and the Samsung CD-R/RW SW-212B still remain disabled.
    I even tried to find updates for these drivers in case this was one of the problems, but ......
    'The Hardware Wizard could not find a better match for your Hardware than the software you currently have installed".

    According to My Computer Information -Status, I find under the heading of:
    Obsolete Application and Device Drivers.........
    'CD Recording Software. Driver File name cdralw2k.sys.'
    Yet it's not mentioned in any Search!
    Is this the DVD-ROM and CD-R-RW or Easy CD Creator?

    I contacted Pioneer who replied.....
    "The DVD-ROM product which you have is fully compatible with Windows XP. You do not need to install any other drivers for your drive and it will all work fine with standard Windows drivers as normal DVD-ROM drives.
    If your operating system is working correctly then all your drives would be able to read disks."

    In Properties, the Information for both the Pioneer and Samsung products I have is...
    Driver Version 5.1.2535.0
    Drivers Provider...Roxio
    File Version. 1.00 (1035)
    Driver date. 1.7.2001

    The Device Status for both is...
    "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware.
    The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code 39)'

    The driver files for both ...

    I have run a Belarc Advisor PC Audit since removing the programme. Whereas Easy CD Creator was included in the list of Software after the Engineer installed it, it was no longer mentioned after I removed it.
    So, where is it as various error messages appear to insinuate it is somewhere!!

    Since Upgrading I also updated Windows Media Player to the latest version via Windows Update.
    But Windows XP facility to Burn/Write CD's seems not possible for me either.
    Because of all these difficulties, I checked Windows Media Player for Windows XP and it's original using of parts of Roxio's Easy CD Creator and found....
    "The Windows Media Player components of Windows XP have been updated for this release (9 Series) and Media Player for Windows XP no longer uses the older CD-Recording driver. No further action is required from you".

    Yet, I get.....
    "Can not complete the CD writing Wizard.
    This message may occur if the IMAPI CD Burner service is turned off. To resolve this issue make sure the service is running etc."
    I therefore turned it on.

    Another idea......
    I decided, before buying a new version of Easy CD Creator for Windows XP, to download and try using a shareware programme.....Ashampoo CD Recording Shareware Programme (compatible with XP) to see if it might jog things into action, but it results in an error..
    "Write CD failed"

    PLEASE PLEASE can you help resolve this. .I am a beginner to the world of computers so please keep it simple.
    Thank you.
  2. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Holy basgeezes thats a whole buncho problems all in one! :) Yes, as you have experienced first hand, Easy CD Creator IS poooooooooooooo. The Add/Remove functionality, whilst not perfect should have removed most of the important traces of that program from your computer. Since you are using WindowsXP you might need to

    1. Update to SP1a http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/downloads/servicepacks/sp1/default.asp .

    2. Update the IMAPI (burning service) for your operating system. Microsoft also has some more general burning help:
    - (IMAPI) http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;320174 .
    - (General) http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;324129 .

    3. Once that's all done, grab a copy of Nero http://www.afterdawn.com/software/cdr_software/cdr_applications/nero.cfm -- a much more reliable burning program than Easy CD Creator will ever be and install that

    4. Lastly, update your ASPI. ASPI, Advanced SCSI Programming Interface, is the source of enough problems with anything even remotely related to an optical drive. Note that Windows2000 and WindowsXP do NOT come with ASPI installed and many users, just starting to do more than basic activities with their drives are encountering problems left and right. ASPI is one of the simplest things to check for -- it just takes one reboot. For more information regarding ASPI see http://cd-rw.org/articles/archive/aspisetup.cfm CAUTION NOTE THAT JUST BECAUSE NERO INFOTOOLS OR EVEN ASPICHECK ITSELF SAYS THAT ASPI IS INSTALLED CORRECTLY IT IS NOT INSTALLED CORRECTLY IF THE VERSION NUMBERS DO NOT MATCH UP. ALL FOUR SETS OF NUMBERS HAVE TO BE IDENTICAL. If you are having issues with ASPI and updating to the latest version doesnt help, consider ASPI 4.60 (1021) -- it's the most stable and reliable build of them all. You can probably google up ASPI4.60 but if you cant find it, leave me your email addy in a PM and I'll send it to ya.

    5. That should solve some of your burning dilemmas

    6. With regards to your devices being disabled, try manually removing them and then restarting the computer to let Windows try to reinstall the devices again (properly hopefully). To do so
    - Click the Start button, select Run
    - Type devmgmt.msc
    - Expand the DVD/CD-ROM Drives entry
    - Right click on one or more drives and select Uninstall
    - When you have uninstalled all the drives you care to, restart windows.
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  3. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    Great instructions Praetor as I tried desperatly yesterday to reply to this post but the forum was down. I'm not degrading Nero as this is by far one of the best burn applications at present but I do recommend emgordon start with more simle easy to use free burning program like burnatonce or DeepBurner.


    Shoey :)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 3, 2004
  4. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    Yea something was odd yesterday as it was a tad slower than usual. It always pains me to see people having so much difficulty with "Easy" CD Creator -- good conceptually but terrible in implementation.
  5. emgordon

    emgordon Guest

    Thank you for all this help and advice.
    I already have Service Pack 1.

    I also note the info re. the ASPI position.
    IMAPI and ASPI !! Hopefully I can get someont to do all this for me. It looks terrifying.I've read up about these two!Why doesn't XP provide it all if it's meant to be so brilliant.

    Re. the two free programmes....
    Burnatonce says it does need Adaptec ASPI 4.60.

    Deep Burner doesn't mention anything about it so does it include the ASPI as that is the programme that looks best as it is both a CD/DVD Burner.

    Have either of you used these?
    I certainly want and only need a simple to use programme.

    I await your replies with great interest.
    Thank you again

  6. Shoey

    Shoey Guest

    I dunno m8 but do some test burns with DeepBurner and see if everything goes well.

    Shoey :)
  7. Praetor

    Praetor Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 4, 2003
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    ASPI is very important yet very unimportant at the same time. Some programs use their own 'version' of ASPI (BlindWrite/Nero) while other applications dont need it (WinISO). The bottom line is however, that having a proper ASPI layer cannot hurt. Many really annoying quirks regarding burners and optical stuff in general tend to dissapear when a proper ASPI layer is installed.

    Head on over to http://cd-rw.org/articles/archive/aspisetup.cfm for a much more detailed explaination regarding ASPI. Again, if you need/want to try the ASPI4.60 leave me your email addy in a PM and I'll send it to ya.

    Did you try Nero? Have any luck with it?

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