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Copying vinyl to DVD-audio

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Tony589, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Tony589

    Tony589 Guest

    Hi all! Im about to build an EPC and would very much like to be able to enjoy listening to some DVD-audio discs,as well as using the computer as a DVD player (movies) if its good enough. I'd also maybe like to archive my precious viynl records to a standard higher than that of CD. Is this possible,can I make my own DVD-audio discs? Can you recommend a sound card that can do this,and any software that I'd need too? I'd also need a digital output so I can feed the Dolby Digital/DTS signal to my home cinema amp.Sorry if I sound like a complete novice but I am,someone's helping me build the computer!
    Many thanks
    c/o Tony.
  2. djscoop

    djscoop Active member

    Feb 6, 2003
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    It all depends on how much money you want to spend. I know that the soundblaster audigy 2, which is around $200, outputs 96k/24 bit, but I'm not sure if you can record in at that quality.

    If you want to go about it the professional way, and get your vinyl sounding the best, use Pro Tools. For about two grand you can get a 002 hardware interface, which allows 8 channels in/out of 96K/24 bit audio, along with Pro Tools 6.4. I've been using Pro Tools for years and thats the best way to go. Its mainly used for audio editing though, not everyday playback for computers. Just another option. A cheaper alternative is getting a USB MBOX with Pro Tools, which is under $500, but only records at 48k/16bit. I have captured all my vinyl records using an MBOX, and it sounds great. It all depends on what type of plugins you use to help reduce the cracks, pops, and noise that determins how good it will really sound. A nice production bundle of plugins from WAVES can set you back up to 10 grand, but its worth it.

    Just a few professional options. But the AB Audigy 2 may work fine for you. Don't know what software you'd need to master to DVD-Audio though, I'm more into SACD myself.

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