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Corrupted Avi DivX

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by gohst00, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. gohst00

    gohst00 Guest

    I am in desperate need of help!

    I had to format my computer so i decided to backup all my most my files(80GB) onto my second harddisk.

    So i Created a folder called "backups of C" and cut and paste all the files i needed to backup about 80Gb.
    So i did and it worked. I had a folder with all my data on my C drive. Thats when i cut and pasted the whole folder onto my D drive. I waited quite a while and everything got moved no problem. So then i switched my computer off and formated my C drive and reinstalled windows. On the first start up of the newly installed windows i went and checked if everything was allright but the folder which was 80Gb was now 22GB and most of the files were missing from there about 60GB. So i restarted my computer and before windows fully restarted it did some weird stuff it started scaning the D drive and found some errors and corrected them plus it recovered a lot of files during the process.
    When it finally finished, windows came up and i checked that folder again and it had recovered all the files and the folder was back to 80GB. But this time around all the files that were missing last time are there but seem corrupted since it does not read them and some read but open the wrong files. For example i open a AVI file that says "production 1" but a weird sound file opens up and starts. A file that i didnt even know that existed on my computer. I know where the file is coming from but i didn't know it existed.
    I tried many recovery software but all of them say that they can not read the files in question because its invalid.

    Can anyone help 60GB is a lot of files.
    Possibly to do it all at once. Any thoughts.

  2. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    Unfortunately, I suspect your C and D drives are on the same controller.
    In that scenario, one cannot cut & paste 80GB!
    Perhaps if you had moved the large AVI files one at a time, you would still have them ;-(
    Dunno what you can do to resurrect those corrupted files - you are probably bunned.
    There are some programs that claim to repair corrupted video files of any type. Google for them.
    Maybe fixing your data concerns you more right now than why it happened, but I would understandably be more interested in the latter...
    So let us know - were both your HDs on the same controller, or what is your setup?
    Regards (and condolences)

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