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could dvd-r cause a problem?

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by hitachi55, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. hitachi55

    hitachi55 Guest

    after watching movie Passion that was recorded onto DVD-R, my TEAC DVD/VHS player does not play any DVD at all. It does show LOADING... message, but it does not do anything after that. Could playing DVD-R on just any DVD player cause a problem to DVD player?
  2. mrstan

    mrstan Member

    Sep 3, 2004
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    Will it play the passion DVD again after you re-insert it? (or other DVD-r disk that you made for that matter)

    I had a similair issue with my Pioneer DVD player.. and baically the laser optic was focusing on the DVD-r media (a color tracking thing somehow), and then it had to be turned off for couple of hours to relax the laser positioning coils. I guess the focus (for -R) was not correct for my player and it got stuck in that postion.. not sure. It would only read the DVDs that I burned on -R media until I turned off the DVD player.
    I turned it off for 2 hours (UNPLUGGED!) to resolve the issue. All is OK now. I was frightend that it was some DVD virus.. :p
  3. hitachi55

    hitachi55 Guest

    I did not try DVD-R any more since, but as you told me, I turned it off and play regular DVD and it is working since. Thank you so much! I should learn a lesson here, right?

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