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could using cheaper cds( bulkpag) have worn my write laser out?

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by alifreddy, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. alifreddy

    alifreddy Guest

    I have a pioneer pdr555rw. I've had it from new with fairly heavy usage. I noticed last week copying from cd to cd. I had finalised all the copies I had made. then when I put them in a normal cd player they would not register as a cd. I tried to finalise them again + it said check disc.
    Then when trying to record analogue from dj decks into cd recorder it would set up + said check disc???
    Its setting up to record ok now + red light comes on + it seems to be recording but when you press stop its gives error messege 'check ' or ' repair '
    I'm waiting for some tdks to see if its just a disc problem or what. I've bought another model off e bay for £88 ( hardly used ) whatever that means
  2. KonkedOut

    KonkedOut Guest


    I think it's probably just the disks, as i had the same prob wi cheap blank disks! saying that I don't know the condition of your cd rw without having seen it, but seems you've got all angles covered with having bought a new(ish) rw and better quality disks! you could also try different software perhaps, though thats a matter of choice!

    hope you get it sorted.
  3. pcshateme

    pcshateme Guest

    ive used durabrand alot before- they only cost about $5 for 50- they work fine if burned at slow speeds (8x) but not as well at faster speeds- also some old cd players (like my girlfriends old stereo -circa 1992) cant read them or it will read them and skip alot.

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