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Couple of newbie questions.......good karma opportunity

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by JStraw, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. JStraw

    JStraw Member

    Sep 6, 2004
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    I have an old xbox that a roommate left and I am about to embark on the mod voyage. I am a newbie. I HAVE used the search to find these answers, but I'm not sure those threads really answered my question. Besides this post may serve some newbie searches in the future and save you folks time..... Anyway, here goes.

    1. My main goal is to view video files from PC on my TV (maybe the game features too someday). I had planned to go with Xecuter chip because of their support reputation. Is the 2.3b lite OK or is it worth it to hold out for the 3? What do I gain by this? Will the smaller flash storage be outdated soon? Are BIOS getting larger or is it just a way to keep more of them on the chip?(I know, vague opinion question, please go easy on me)

    2. With mods in general, will I be able to stream music and video files from PC straight thru the xbox to the TV or do you have to dl them to the box first before playing?

    This one is non-essential, just a little nervous....
    3. I'm going to sack up and do the soldering. I'm not very experienced, but I've done a small bit of it before. The header looks easy, but the d0 would be the most daunting task I've done yet. I've seen a few guides out there, but they are vague on the method for the d0 point (including Xecuter site). Whats the best way to approach this, does someone have a good link?

    Your help is extremely appreciated. I will of course watch the board and help pass on your knowledge once I get into the swing of this.

    J Straw
  2. scottas

    scottas Guest

    1. The 2.3b lite is a good chip, just use the pin header install method. The X3 is better, but mainly in the areas of flashing and add ons. You can always upgrade down the road from a 2.3 bios are the same size, the X3 just keeps a "recovery" one stored.
    2. Yes you can stream music and video, use xbox media center. Video can become choppy, just play with the settings to fix.
    3. I like the alternate d0 point (bottom of motherboard) not too hard either way. Just takes patience.
  3. makkena

    makkena Member

    Feb 8, 2004
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    If you haven't gotten the mod chip yet, I would go with Xenium Solderless modchip for better assurance. This is especially if you do not have much or any soldering experience. I got mine a week ago, and I got it to work the same day. It's very easy. it's kind of like snapping the modchip onto the xbox motherboard. It also has a D0 point adapter that makes it easier to insert the D0 wire into the board. You'll want to get a Xenium Lite solderless package for about 50 bucks. any questions afterwards, let us know

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