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CRC Check failed errors?

Discussion in 'Resource center' started by CVille, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. CVille

    CVille Guest

    I try to extract a file that is in multiple files like 72. I have to extract them all in order to compile the .iso . Well it keeps giving me a CRC failed error saying the volume is corrupt on only a few files. what could be causing this? I have tried everything does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. varnull

    varnull Guest

    Faulty files.. simple. The archive is corrupt. Try downloading just the faulty parts again.
  3. CVille

    CVille Guest

    Finally got it to work after dling from three sites and about ten tries later. Is there any reason why I would be having such a big problem or is it just the luck of the draw?
  4. varnull

    varnull Guest

    Luck of the draw I'm afraid. Sometimes you can attempt to repair broken, but I didn't suggest that because I have had no success with large archives.

    Did you d/l the whole thing again, or just the damaged parts? Most torrent apps allow you to just take the files you want.

    Possibly you should check that your torrent application actually checks the files on completion. Some do, some don't. It's one of the prices we pay for "free" stuff sometimes.
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