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Creating a website based on a linux server

Discussion in 'Linux - General discussion' started by hassibabe, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. hassibabe

    hassibabe Member

    Dec 4, 2005
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    Hi all, i thought i'd ask for help and advice on this site as there really are some excellent helpers here and i'm sure that this topic will intrigue some people!

    Ok so here's the case, i want to build an online store. But the problem is i know NOTHING about building it!! Basically i've bought my domain and i see in the control panel it has all these wonderful little things but to me it means nothing cause i know NOTHING!!!

    So i played around with some of the stuff and noticed that i have something called fantastico which has like loads of software i can use.

    So i tried the first shopping cart sytem which was Cubecart but i found that the program wouldn't allow me to put my own banner, didn't recognise my shipping cost despite playing with all the settings!! It then decided that it won't change the currency from usd to gbp despite me choosing gbp as the default currency!! But the worst killer part was that i needed to update the software and frankly having to upload over 300 files INDIVIDUALLY is just pathetic!!!

    Next i tried out soholaunch!! NO COMMENT!!! I still can't even access cause its giving me some error 500 and the forum support after 4 days still haven't told me how to fix it!

    Next was zen cart but i didn't fancy it! It was just difficult for a novice to work with!

    I've searched the web for system and tried loads of them and so far the only one that really appeals to me is www.netidnow.com. Decent features, lets you do just about anything to your deign layout and simple to use. Few unliked things about but you could live with them not sure the shopper would like it though!!

    So now i've found a template that basically has the layout and design to the T!! Only problem is that the template is just one page!! No links to the next page so i'm not sure how i'd actually sucessfully use the template.

    I'd really like to use the template and thought perhaps i could just replicate the template in macromedia and then use this for my website.

    So here are the questions:

    How would i use the template to create my shop.
    How would i intergrate a shopping cart with that particular template.
    Would i need to create my own d/base in sql or would the shopping cart take care of this?
  2. rundata

    rundata Guest

    try exoops

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