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Creating a wirless network

Discussion in 'Windows - Software discussion' started by 237, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. 237

    237 Guest

    Not sure if this is in the correct field but i need some good advice. I usually take my Laptop to work with me and could be at any area although not usually outside 15 miles or more from my base.
    Most of the places i work do not have any access to the internet and this is a very frustrating at times. All i would like to know is how would i go about creating one of my home P.C's as a networking P.C using a wireless connection.I have 3 PC's at home one of which the children use. I have a wired router but is it possible to convert only one P.C of the three to a wirelss connection and the other two kept as they are.I have seen a Belkin which allows connection of 4 wired connections and 6 unwired. Would i need a PCI card for the lap top or could i buy a Belkin dongle and use this? Given the fact that i could be 20 miles from my own connection would these devices still be able to communicate with each other. Please if you can fill me in on any details i might have missed or any hardware or software that i would need to get my laptop up and running on a connection.
    Any Help Please
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    Jan 13, 2006
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