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CSS Error Movie Skipping Chapters Sony DVD Player

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by scottand, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. scottand

    scottand Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    I and others have had problems usually with P.O.S. Sony DVD Players playing certain "backed up" media. Such as Cold Creek Manor , Lady Killers , Kill Bill Vol. 2 and so on. I'll tell you it is not always the brand DVD-R to blame.

    I have read problems with DVD X-copy Platinum, DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. Anything from I/O error, CSS error during ripping to it all went smooth , played back in my PC but skipped every chapter in my home dvd burner. It will play 2 secs of each chapter non stop due to CSS encryption re-authored on each individual chapter...B.S.!

    Anyway thanks to other people on this forum I support and report that installing software from below...



    It seems for now I have working back ups playing on my Sony DVD Players. DVD43 runs in background, Launch DVDShrink..to back up TS_Video Folder..then Roxio Data CD to burn and I'm back in business. I see no reason that I should not be able to launch X-Copy with the same results due to how DVD43 works and that you will have an icon showing it worked before you begin wich ever process you choose. I burned at 3X and 4X on cheap media wich seems to be working great for me. BY THE WAY...I still had these problems using TDK at 2X with Kill Bill 2 many weeks ago..hence I mention it is not always the dvd-r brand all though K-Hyper Media is Sh_t!

  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    DVD43 has absolutely no bearing at all of your DVD backup playing or not playing on a player or PC.

    True, DVD43 does remove CSS but so does DVD Shrink as well as it gets rid of that pesky MicroVision protection which DVD43 won't even touch. Media, on the other-hand, plays quite a roll in successful burning and playing, which can be borne out by numerous threads here at AfterDawn.

    While it's interesting to see you link to your own babblings, it's more interesting to see you allude to "others" who support your claim. Whooo Boy, we could have a real ball with that one. Bring them out and I'll get all the Seniors, Addicts and Mods here-abouts and we'll have a "go" at your so-called "theory." This place is virtually packed with those who will tell you that DVD43 cannot have a bearing on how a player will or won't play a disc BUT poor media can, without question, have a negative effect on how a disc may be received by a standalone player.

    Back to your own thread with you, and ponder why no one has posted to it. Generally we don't acknowledge postings when make zero sense (actually less than zero). Please don't expound your thoughts (?) on DVD43 to Newbies who may not have the education to see how utterly silly it sounds.

    BTW, Don't say I'm anti-DVD43. Heavens no ! It's a shame it doesn't handle as many things as AnyDVD or RegionFree DVD, but for FREE, it's pretty good for using with CloneDVD2 or DVD2One or even Nero even if it doesn't work all the time.

    A major drawback is that DVD43 will only work on Win2K OR XP and not on any other OS. Even so, we have had reports of pple experiencing problems using DVD43 with Win XP, Therefore, if you're looking for a lurking proggy ? Spend the $40.00(USD) and get AnyDVD for a really excellent, behind-the-scenes proggy.

    OK, Ok, I've finally run down and have cooled off – It was all a joke everyone he was just kidding about DVD43 making your disc play better on different players – don't try it, it's a waste of time

    Cheers all,


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