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cyclic redundency check

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Shortfuse, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Shortfuse

    Shortfuse Guest

    Yeah, That thing, cyclic redundency check , something i beging to hate so much, i google search it and every hit is about what it is and dvd this dvd that , a million ways to clean your cd with toothpaste ... Well lets make this as straight forward of a question.

    I got a cyclic redundency check on about 23 cds.
    It's legal fansubs of anime i watch and no i can't return or redownload any of it.
    "I know The problem" and that is i burned to fast on crappy media with a crappy burner. near the end on all 23 cd's at the same exact point there is a error and causes the show to freeze, so basically reload the cd and pop it a few seconds after that point and i can resume and watch the rest.( i tried on different cd readers and it is a physical burn issue not cd issue) To cut the bs short, i can't find the simple answer, what kinda software will allow me to copy a image of the cd to my drive Ignoring this dam cyclic redundency check. I don't care if it is screwed up at that one point, hell i'm more then happy it's there, i just need some way to force the info off the cd onto my drive so i can burn to dvd and not have a million cd's all over.
    i tried the direct copy off the cd drive = cyclic redundency check error, and stops/deletes the file all together.
    tried nero image. get 90 % of file and ends the file short right at that error and i can't some how cut out the end to finish it off.
    Hell i tried zipping it from the cd and then says no read error with winrar and win zip.
    it seems no matter what i try, when it hits that point it just won't read no matter what the heck i use , so what can i use that will allow me to make a direct rip/ copy or what ever extraction period from cd to harddrive with out some bs error going off ?
    any help greatly appericated !! :p
  2. geestar20

    geestar20 Active member

    Mar 5, 2004
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  3. Shortfuse

    Shortfuse Guest

    lol , you know i would of tried this program if the name "dvd decrypter" wasn't so misleading toward cd's :p , i'm going to give it a shot
  4. Shortfuse

    Shortfuse Guest

    i'm lost on what to do with this program , very short and sweet what do i do to be on my merry way ?
  5. Shortfuse

    Shortfuse Guest

    lol i can't goto file decrypt , says disk not dvd on bottom , i don't know fi this means anything. sure it does though.

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