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d500 problems

Discussion in 'Samsung discussion' started by stevieh2o, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. stevieh2o

    stevieh2o Guest

    haveing a prob with my d500 its worked perfect for ages then one day the buttons stoped working.

    if i wack the phone hard the keypad volume comes up on the screen then sometimes the buttons work for about 20 seconds then it just keeps goin down as if your pressing the down button then no buttons work again.

    i took the phone apart there and everything looks ok a guy in a phone shop said it sounds like something is disconnected.

    anyone any ideas for me????
  2. seanoc

    seanoc Guest

    what you need to do is take the back off the phone again and make sure the side buttons are are sitting correctly the rubbers on the inside of the side buttons need to be inline with the side buttons on the board
  3. stevieh2o

    stevieh2o Guest

    iv had the pcb out of the phone and its still the same

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