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D800i HiPhone - iPhone Clone

Discussion in 'Other mobile phones' started by mp3nmp4, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. mp3nmp4

    mp3nmp4 Guest

    for those of you who have not seen the D800i HiPhone clone, it is like 99% iPhone... was wondering if anyone has any reviews..
  2. amg8

    amg8 Guest

    i just received mine after around 8 days... it works pretty good and I am happy... the only thing is that it only has one sim slot and is not dual sim as specs say... I am still really impressed with the phone though...
  3. nycarl

    nycarl Member

    Feb 17, 2008
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    Can you tell me if it's a quad-band phone? I need 850 mhz where I live. Thanks.
  4. amg8

    amg8 Guest

    hello, actually if you are with att i think you may need 850... t-mobile and cingular should be fine.... the d800i clone i got was only triband...
  5. jemaric

    jemaric Member

    Nov 14, 2005
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    looks like verizon was left out & it needs a lager drive
  6. amg8

    amg8 Guest

    i think verizon is cdma?? what frequency is that anyways...?
  7. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    Guys. if you think D800I is 99% iphone clone. Then you are all wrong.
    Its an upgrade version of cect p168+. The only thing that is upgraded was the casing of the phone. little bit of icon uppgrades but nothing more. Try to search for C-002 model and you will se what realy is a 99% Iphone clone.

    And you can buy it in Dragonkicks.com

  8. lazua

    lazua Member

    Feb 22, 2008
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  9. amg8

    amg8 Guest

    ya, their's is not 99%.... only the d800i comes close... check out the icons for example... the icons from the other chinese sites are all generic icons whereas the d800i's closely resemble the iPhone's... also the non-D800i are all only Dual-band -even though the say tri-band and even quad-band... there is simply no quadband hiphone out now and those who say there is are lying - meaning they will not work in the USA and will only work in Europe, UK. In short, the D800i is the closest clone yet and is the only phone that will work in the USA.
  10. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    Read. D800i not 99%
  11. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    D800i and C-002 yes really look alike. but the one thing that is different between them is c-002 OS is more like iphone.

    D800i OS is, yes still like cect p168. only they uppgraded the icons and the housing.
    D8001 doesnt even have motion censor or multi touch screen. Cant even zoom rotate picktures with your fingers with this unit.Not even shake funktion.

    C-002 has everything i mentioned above and more.
    Search for www.chinagrabbers.com and see their product the d800i Hiphone.
    Watch the video they have there and you will see .
    Now look for www.dragonkicks.com and see the C-002 Hi phone
    and you will see the big differense.

    you will see that the price is not the same either.

    P.S you will notice that chinagrabber is using c-002/cectp168/i32 youtube video for theire d800i product. wich is i think is bad. watch and see.

    Sorry for wrong spelling there. but i guess you all get my point.
  12. amg8

    amg8 Guest

    actually, not true... i think you must be working for Dragonkicks ... this is not really a place for spamming...... the icons on the c-002 do not resemble iphones so how could the operating system?
  13. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    Spamming? no. Working for Dragonkicks? You must be joking? My brother bought this D800i from dragonkicks and was so very disappointed.
    Because of that crazy video add they have there in their home cite.

    Well dont tell me i didn't warn you guys.

    Second. im sorry for the missunderstanding about c-002 apple OS look alike.If you have seen both video then you know whats the differense.

    I dont favor any company here. its just for the best of everyone.
    If you had a CECT p168 i phoneclone and loved it then i suggest that you buy this D800i because its just the same. icons and yes upgraded and it looks like iphone. But if you whant a Phone that MIMICS the iphone then c-002 is your best choise.

  14. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    I meant chinagrabber. not dragonkicks. When he ordered his d800i in chinagrabber.

  15. amg8

    amg8 Guest

    yes, so basically two different phones... from i see the c-002 icons are not cool at all... it has a "sim" and "dual sim" icon... and i believe that one of them does not do anything... so not saying it's software is buggy but you can see the d800i does not waste space for those icons... one phone is $30 cheaper and looks more like iphone... it is really up to customer i guess...i personally was not happy with the c-002 i got as it was buggy and didn't have iphone feel... others may have other reviews tho..
  16. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

  17. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    Im Sorry about that other Reply.
    Well i Ordered the c-002 and waiting for it to come these comming days. Since my brother already have a d800i then i have base of comparison and could wright a review between them..
    So if i offended you in some ways cos you maybe prefer or already have
    the D800i then i beg for forgivenes. It wasn't my intention.
    Dont wanna offend chinagrabber either.
    Its true that its up to everyone what unit they prefer. But chinagrabber should really get rid of those other advertisment videos.
    they have there and spare those that represent their product.
    You watched it from theire homesite right? they have other video's that is not the product (d800i)they are selling. and that confuses everyone.
    And thats exactly why my brother was disappointed when he got his d800i . Its false advertisment.

    Dont wanna offend chinagrabber either but get rid of those videos
    Im not working for Dragonkicks im just a regular costumer like you and other else. But like other customer you would prefer to get what you pay for right?
  18. techtoday

    techtoday Guest

    my vote is for the DigitalRise D800i. the c-002 is made by the same company that makes the 168. As someone stated above, the software is buggy and the UI is not like iphone's. The c-002 is a courageous attempt but software issues hold this model back. I got mine a 8 days ago and it froze up multiple times and i got stuck with a phone the freezes and now the screen if flickering. got the d800i yesterday from chinagrabber and it was as described and has done well so far.

    The youtube video looks pretty accurate to mee... the back of the phone says D800i hiphone and has the logo.. the battery even is a digitalrise battery... the video is here: http://www.chinagrabber.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1531&HS=1

    hopefully, someone can fix my defective c-002 so maybe i can sell it on craigslist

  19. Lunargod

    Lunargod Guest

    Watch it again and wait until the video come to its end. and out pop
    the other video's im talking about.

    Well im gonna get my order this coming days. So i wish that i dont encounter the same problem you have with your C-002.

    Have a great day guys
  20. macmante

    macmante Member

    Jan 18, 2008
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