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Dashboard Help

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by mgdman546, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. mgdman546

    mgdman546 Guest

    Hi guys just got into the xbox modding stuff about a month ago, and I am having a problem getting evox, or any other dashboard on my box. I followed the forums at x scenes and various others without luck. I'll start of with that I currently am running a Xbox V1.3 Installed and working properly Xecuter3 with current X3 bios, X3_1959 which works fine. I copied the evox dashboard files to cd-rw in iso format and it loads up evox with the disc. Then I ftp my box and open drive C: and place the Exoxdash.xbe and evox.ini files there along with the skins and whatever elese is in the folder. Soon as I take out the Disc and reboot it goes back to the X3 live bios. I have tried 3 different guides and followed them to a T and no luck yet. I you can give me some guidance it would be very well appreicated.
  2. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    there is an option in configlive(x3 boot screen) that disables the configlive on bootup....you need to switch that option...once you have switched the option, if you need to come back to configlive, just hold down the white button during boot up....reply if you can't find the option, and i will go look and list it for you

    here are the options in order follow these...
    boot up xbox
    select X3config live
    select customize x3 bios
    Autostart x3 configlive = disabled(switch from enable to disable)

    also check your dashboard boot priority, make sure you have it on evoxdash.xbe

    also check to make sure the x3 is booting from the correct partition

    all of these options are in the exact same place
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  3. mgdman546

    mgdman546 Guest

    Thanks, a ton. I feel pretty stupid that I forgot to turn of x3 live, but it never said to in any of the guides.
    Another ? I have 2 differnt dip banks set up can I have a differnt dashboard on Each. Like Evox on the first and then Avalaunch on the other.
  4. 121flame

    121flame Member

    Jan 16, 2005
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    hey mdsup, how the f*** did you know i was using firefox. but that ip is rong

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