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dbox stuck on loading kernel

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by charlesto, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. charlesto

    charlesto Guest

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anybody could help, My dbox is stuck on loading kernel, what can i do??

  2. zappp64

    zappp64 Regular member

    Oct 13, 2005
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    you need to flash it again with IFA

    I just got a dbox that went as far as loafing neutrino then it restarted again.. this was a infinate loop..a quick flash using IFA fixed the problem


  3. charlesto

    charlesto Guest

    Can anyone give us the info on how to do this as i can get on to web page

  4. renwich

    renwich Member

    Dec 14, 2006
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    You can get IFA from here


    then if you struggle follow this guide

    Thanks to Fergalsworld

    You really need to get a nullmodem cable and your worries will go away
    but until you do try this.
    Check you have done all this
    Go to control panel then network connections
    right click on local area connect and pick properties.
    there you will see underneath connect using....your network card
    next to this will be a configure tab click on it.
    then click on the advanced tab
    you need to look for flow control, duplex, media type or connection type
    drop the value tab arrow down and set to 10baseT_halfduplex or try automatic or autosense
    1.Install IFA in to C:/ check that IFA has been Added to the exceptions in windows firewall,then turn the firewall off,
    2.Disable ALL antivirus programs...If you have any Norton crapware disable worm blocking aswell
    you might even have to unistall it this includes systemworks aswell
    there is a removal tool in the downloads to get rid of anything norton leaves behind
    3.Disable any popup stoppers.
    4.Give your pc network card a static ip.
    IE:pC ip: (not needed with ifa but set to this anyway)
    subnet mask
    5.Disable any other network cards you have installed including wireless
    6.Disable ics (internet card sharing if available)
    7.Ethernet crossover cable connected
    8.Nullmodem cable connected if you have one
    9.Turn off box,
    10.Put Image in C:/ and rename it to mtd3.img
    11.Start IFA
    12.Select networkcard
    13.Tick nullmodem if you have one
    14.Select image in C:/
    15.Press ok, if it goes to a comm window turn on the box.
    16.If you dont get flashing in the lcd on the box try holding the power and up button in till the lcd goes blank
    then let go wait about 10 seconds
    keep trying a few times.

    Nullmodem cable required to do the following.
    hold power and up button in till lcd goes blank then let go of power button then up button 2 seconds later
    it will go through 3 tests in com window then stop at
    dbox ppcboot> type in "boot net" then press enter
    if it does not start to flash
    then something is still blocking the network.
    Hope this helps.
  5. charlesto

    charlesto Guest

    Thanks 4 that,
    that worked out great have all stations back
  6. benifa

    benifa Regular member

    Dec 6, 2006
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    charlesto - I had the same problem as your recently. And it's true, reflashing with IFA will sort it out and your box will boot normally..

    Unless, it seems, you are using Vista. Are there issues with IFA in Vista? Does anyone have a solution? I set it up exactly as in XP, following all the steps as described by renwich above, but it never works..


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