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Dbox1 (Sagem) latest sportster uk image required.

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by kaz1981, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. kaz1981

    kaz1981 Guest

    Hi all. Im new to the forum as I roamed about google looking for info and came across this forum, which i must say is by far very informative and very helpful.

    As you can see I have a Dbox1 ( yes thts a definate). I had a very good Pacino image which caught on 300+ transponders under the bruteforce scan system and therefore gave me just about every channel there is. However due to my own curiosity with regards to flashing , instead of going a step forward i ended up flashing an older image ( sportster uk 2005). Ironically by hard drive crashed and i lost my backup to the pacino image i had.

    So my cry for help to anyone and everyone out there is for a new image for my dbox1 tht is both stable and will enable me to brute search for all channels.

    I have founds lots for the dbox2 but its obviously no help to me when i have a mere dbox 1.

    Any and all help to point me in the right direction will be much appreciated. cheers guys and I hope you guyz continue providing the good amount of support i have seen for anyone out there as myself just starting off.

  2. blacki97

    blacki97 Member

    Feb 12, 2007
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    I have a Pacino image v2x2 but not sure what box it is for.
  3. stevenali

    stevenali Member

    Jan 12, 2007
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    I have a sagem box. Is it a one chip or 2 chip Sporster image u require??
  4. Fekker

    Fekker Regular member

    Jan 5, 2007
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    None of those will work on a DBox1, they are for DBox2.
  5. stevenali

    stevenali Member

    Jan 12, 2007
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    I was reading up about the Dbox and you mentioned it was a Sagem DBOX1. Suggestion is (I don't know if this is correct) that only Nokia made a dbox. An administrator on another forum explains that these boxes cannot be flashed like the Dbox2.

    I won't advertise the other site in case it breaches forum rules but the gist of his message is:-

    The dbox 1 is totally diffrent to dbox2 and and you already know it will NOT autoupdate.

    Tutorial for Dbox1

    A few members have pmed me about getting a dbox1 to work. I sort of cobbled together this short tut for them. Maybe somebody else will find it useful.

    You need

    1) A DBOX1 with the cable tuner.

    2) The Dr Jamal 2003 firmware loaded

    3) The Irdeto cam patched with anon 5.4

    4) Any old version 4.3 6in1 flash and external EEP

    5) ISVEdit for adding keys to the 6in1 external EEP file

    6) dvbedit for downloadin and uploading channel listings to/from the DBOX1

    Getting a working card

    First of all you need to get the fun 6in1 hex version Flash4.3 (not 4.4 as it doesn't work so well) and any old EEP (external eeprom file) for 6in1 (one should come with the zip file). Do a search for xamuh or jettyboy 6in1 and you should get some hits. You also need the ISVEdit editor which you can get from google too.

    1) Load the EEP hex into ISVEdit

    2) Select Editor, then select the Nagra tab.

    3) Check the boxes next to Provider 1, key 0 AND key 1. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS

    4) Enter the current keys for your area into the Provider 1 key 0 and Key 1 boxes.

    5) Click the Write To Memory button.

    6) Click close

    7) Save the hex file

    Program a funcard with the Flash4.3 into the flash and the EEP file into the EXTERNAL eeprom. If you don't know how to do this then you won't get far I'm afraid.

    You should now have a good 6in1 file to use in your dbox 1. Stick the card into it and leave it.

    Finding/Getting the channels

    1) You need to go into the tuner menu and do a search on each transponder frequency (There should be a services.xml file for the dbox2 that you can pick up the freqs and symbol rates for your area from. Simply enter the freq and symbol rate then hit 9 (search)

    NB: Only the first 4 digits of the freq are entered i.e. 579.25MHz should be entered as 5792

    2) Add any channels found on each frequency to the channel line up

    3) Once you have searched all the transponders, save the channel list using dvbedit and a null modem lead to your PC. You can find dvbedit via google.

    4) For each and every scrambled channel you need to do the following

    a) Change to the channel

    b) You now need to manually tell the DBOX1 to use the nagra EMM (1800) on each and every scrambled channel

    When on the selected channel, go into the jamal menu to do an emm & ecm search. (Menu (blue) - C (Red) then 0, then 1 to select the emm - ecm pair.

    Note that FTA channels do not need this and will give an error when you do an emm & ecm search, just leave the FTA as is and skip to the next channel.

    c) You now need to replace the old channel with this new EMM one - Go to (Menu (blue) - 7 (PIDS) - A (YELLOW) - 3 (REPLACE)

    (The reason you have to do this is that you cannot set (AFAIK) the jamal software to autodetect nagra EMMs (1800) it will only auto detect irdeto (0602) thus you have to force it to decode nagra EMM manually for each channel (total bummer)

    5) Once you have done this for every scrambled channel download the list again using dvbedit and the null modem lead.

    (You can then use this file for any other dbox that you want to use without going through this tortuous process again)

    6) Rearrange your channel list on the PC using DVBedit then send it back to the dbox.

    7) You should now have free tv!

    Hopefully some members with old DBOX1s will find this useful.

    Good Luck!

    I take no credit for the above. All credit to the guys at hackable.cc

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