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DBox2 - Help for Newbies please!

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by ManofS, May 29, 2007.

  1. ManofS

    ManofS Guest

    Hi all!

    New member - so please be gentle with me - Seems to be one of the best places on the tittyweb for self help!! apologies if this has all been posted b4 - the mods can delete my thread if it's going over old ground. I've read as many of the previous ( and numerous!) threads on DBox2's but i just just after a few q's answering if thats ok!

    I'm about to get a Nokia Dbox2 off ebay (with pretty blue screen awww!) - is there a help PDF around somewhere that can guide me thru the flashing and setting up of it? Google is normally my best friend but i've not found exactly what i'm after.

    also, do u need some sort of basic tv package to be able to use this box? i read somewhere it has to be plugged into a modem OR an existing cable box.

    i'm pretty computer savy so not worried about getting the most recent images or the actual flashing techniques - i'm well aware of the dangers!

    a few pointers and warm welcome would be appreicated.

    my email is....

    only kidding ;)

    thanks in advance
  2. steo46

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    May 2, 2007
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    This tutorial has been written as simple as possible, to enable anyone who has never even seen a Dbox to be able to get it running on U.K cable.

    Many thanks got to the guy’s on Modshack’s Dbox forum for their help, but special thanks to Spanik for his unselfish assistance in helping me get my box running.

    Firstly some items that are needed before you start:
    You need to have done some research on the Dbox, if you have you will / should already have some of the software listed, you should also have printed / read some of the guides available on the net. A good place to start is http://www.dietmar-h.net/ here there are tutorials / how to’s in English, there are instructions here on how to put your box into debug mode, there are also some good guides in the dbox I shall explain how I did mine, but yours may be different.

    One of the most important things to know about your dbox is the BMON version, as this will determine how you put your box into debug mode.
    To find out what version of software your dbox has:
    Power up your dbox, it does not matter at what stage of the booting process you do this. On the front of the dbox there is a flap, pull down this flap, under here you have two card slots & three buttons, one standby button, one up button & one down button, hold down the standby button & the up button together, (this is a soft reset) the LCD screen should go blank, when this occurs release the standby button but keep the up button held down, very quickly a selection of numbers will appear on the LCD screen similar to the following..01DD10081 1611608 or similar, the one’s we are interested in are the 5th & 6th numbers from the left, if they are 10 you have BMON ver 1.0, version 1.0 are different from all others & require a slightly different way of doing things, my box was a virgin dbox 2 Nokia with two Intel chips & was version 1.0 BMON.
    If your box starts up with this screen:

    Then your box is already in debug mode, if you don’t get this screen then you have a virgin box & will need to put it into debug mode.
    If your box is a virgin box, i.e. has never had any other image put on it, then you need to do the following:

    Page 2.

    Remove the lid from the box; identify your Intel set-up,
    (This is what I did with mine, a Nokia 2xI virgin box)
    Connect the shorting wire to pin 12, & get the box into reset mode.

    1. Wait until reset disappears, as soon as the first block appears short it. (Don’t let go yet!)
    2. It will then freeze on 3 blocks.
    3. Now press the up button on the front and at the same time remove the short.
    4. The numbers will appear now on the LCD, as soon as they do let go of the button and apply the short again.
    5. You will now see 5 blocks appear through the number, i.e. 0181
    6. That’s it, your now ready to type in the commands in boot-manager to debug it.
    7. Go-to page 5.

    Equipment needed.

    A pc with a network card or a laptop with a network card, you can use XP or Win 98se.
    (I used a spare Toshiba p166 laptop running Win98se with a 3com 10base-t pcmcia card.)
    A cat5 CROSS OVER network cable for connecting between the dbox and the pc.

    A normal cat5 straight network cable if you already have a LAN (i.e. router or hub.)

    A NULL MODEM cable for connecting between the dbox & the pc. (3-wire null modem cable will do. 2rx to 3tx, 3tx to 2rx & 5gnd to 5gnd.) If you need to make one you will need two 9 way female connectors, length of cable follow the diagram.
    9way F 9way F
    1—DCD—to pin 6 to pin 6--DCD---1
    2—RxD---------------- ----------------------RxD---2
    3---TxD---------------- ----------------------TxD---3

    Set your network card to 10 / half duplex (this is the recommended setting & the one I used, but some people have reported that you can use 10 Full duplex or even auto, the choice is yours.)
    Set your windows COM port to: Bits per second = 57600
    Data bits = 8
    Parity = none
    Stop bits = 1
    Flow control = none

    Page 3.

    You will also need some software:

    An ftp package, the recommended one is Flashfxp (the one I used) but I am told that ALL ftp software will work. Available on the net.)

    Dboxmanager software. Available from the dbox section on Modshack, or available from the net. (Do not use long file names when installing this programme or it wont work)
    A file called minflash.zip or .rar, this file is very hard to find, if you have trouble finding it please ask on the Modshack forum.

    A file called ppcboot (this file has no extension)

    Software for the Dbox.
    Profile (no extension)
    English.locale (no extension)
    autoroll.key (for your provider)
    Folder called clock (this contains the font files required)
    A Dbox image for your box. (I used Zgore17072004)

    If using Win XP you will need a file called xp.reg. Win XP uses media sensing & will report cable not connected when rebooting your box, this will affect the dbox software, if in any doubt run xp.reg & you should not have any problem. (This applies to NT4, Win2000, and Win XP Home & Win2003.)

    If you have more than one network card in your pc, then you will need to disable all but the one you intend using with the dbox, this includes any DVB-C cards you may have. (You don’t have to disable all other cards, you could just select the correct one in Dboxmanager, but it is best too, as will eliminate any conflicts.)
    Test to see if you can ping other devices on your network (from your pc)?

    Setting up your network.
    The network card you intend to use, you will need to give it a static IP, I used an IP of (you don’t have to use this, but it worked for me.)
    Install the Dbox2 Boot-Manager software. (This is German software!)
    Unzip or Unrar the file minflash to your root directory C:\
    Place the file ppcboot in the root directory C:\
    Connect the Null Modem cable to your pc & the other end into the Dbox.

    Page 4.

    If the IP of the dbox is not known (i.e. The dbox is in debug mode but still has original betanova software installed) any IP can be entered in Dbox2 Boot Manager in the Dbox2 IP field, ARP will be used to get the MAC address of the Dbox2

    Connect one end of your crossover network cable into your pc’s network card & the other end into the Dbox.

    Dbox 2 Boot-Manager.
    Assuming that you have already installed the software, start it & on start up you should see a settings screen:
    Setting Screen:

    Dbox 2 IP: Use a different IP than that you set your pc card to i.e.

    Bootfile fur Dbox:
    Providing you placed the file in the root directory C:\ it should read C:\ppcboot, you can use the magnifying glass icon in order to find it. Or just type it in.

    If you placed ppcboot in the root c:\ then it should read C:\

    Page 5.

    Providing you only have one network card or you have disabled all but one, this should show your card, if yours is not the one shown in the box, then use the drop down arrow & check it is displayed as an option, then select it.

    BootP / TFTP-Server Starten:
    Should be ticked.

    RARP-Server starten:
    Should be ticked.

    Should be ticked.

    Should be ticked & you should select the port you are using, also the speed should be 9600 baud.

    Leave empty.

    Once all the above are correct, make sure your box is switched off press the Start! button, the screen should automatically jump to the COM-Terminal window on the boot-manager. If you get an error while starting, please recheck you have applied the XP.reg file for WinXp, or check the settings are correct.

    If you are in the COM-Terminal window, switch on the dbox, you should get some data on the screen, but you need to look at the LCD screen on the box, the screen should look like it is about to load & you should be getting about 4-5 filled square boxes along the bottom of the LCD, after this you should get “Reset…” “Reset” continuously forever, if this does not happen power off & then on, sometimes it may take several attempts before it goes into reset.

    If you are now in COM-Terminal window, I then did the following:
    In the COMM-Terminal window type:
    icache [Enter].

    Answer should be: icache is on

    chorus 800000 [Enter].
    You should see lots of stuff..

    Page 6.

    cp 10000000 01000000 1000 [ ENTER ]

    Nm 01000944 [ ENTER ]

    The address to 0 set:
    When you see this:
    01000944: ffffffff?
    00000000 [ ENTER ]

    To leave Editing mode, when you see:
    01000944: 00000000?
    [ ESC ] [ ENTER ]

    To turn off the Protection of the Flash Sectors:
    prot off 1:0 [ ENTER ]

    Changed RAM into the first sector copy:
    cp 01000000 10000000 1000 [ ENTER ]

    Now you can reset the box by typing
    go 10000100 [Enter ] .

    After the RESET the box should present you with the debug screen on the LCD.

    If you get this far then you can stop the boot-manager, because we need to set it up for flashing the new software.

    Page 7.

    There are other ways of doing this, but this was the only way that worked for me.
    If you switch off the box & plug in a scart lead to your TV, (there is no RF output on the Dbox, so you must use a scart lead)
    When you turn the dbox on, you have some German on the TV? Mine said something “welcomen”.

    Others like this:

    You may get displayed on the LCD after a short time...

    Das Betriebssystem
    Konnte Nicht Korrekt
    geladen werden.

    Mit "ok" Aktualisie-ren
    Sie jetzt das Betriebssystem.
    This means: The operating system could not be loaded correct. With "ok" Update the operating system now.

    Start dbox manager?

    Select correct COM port, also 9600

    Do not tick RARP or BootP or NFS

    Leave Konfiguration empty

    And make sure that the correct NIC is showing in Ethernet Interface (if you have more than one NIC in your laptop) it should be greyed out.

    Page 8.

    Untick BootP / TFTP-Server Starten.
    Use the magnifying glass icon to find the file ppcboot_writeflash.

    Untick NFS-Server starten.

    In Root-Verzeichnis.
    Find the root of where ppcboot_writeflash is.

    Leave empty.

    Select Utilities.

    Page 9.

    Image flashen

    Select the image you intend to use. i.e. I used Zgore17072004, inside this is an 8meg file called *.img (check to make sure the size is 8meg) I also had to put this file in the root C:\ or I got an error, also if you take too long over this then you may get an error as well, just re-boot the box.

    Once you have the ok box, click ok and power the dbox off then back on.
    Watch the COM terminal output once it has finished outputting loads on the screen
    You should get to something like this:

    If you get lots of T’s, then the flash may fail, providing you only get a few it should be ok, but really you shouldn’t get any timeouts.
    The display should say like: erase flash from 0x10020000 to 0x10etc, then says erased 63 sectors...copy to flash

    Page 10.

    You may then get something like in German...flashen abgeschlossen
    Dbox manager...
    Press ok, turn dbox off and back on watch the LCD and TV, the dbox-manager should go back to setting’s menu.

    If using the same image I did, on the LCD it should say neutrino right across it. This should be there all during the flash.

    Neutrino on the LCD means the box has successfully flashed (some part at least)
    Then on the TV it should say dbox 2 boot manager is working your flash
    At this point reboot the dbox (disconnect serial lead first) the crossover cable can be left.
    Connect the cable feed.
    On re-boot you should see bmon screen on the (LCD)
    If at this point nothing more happens then there could be 3 reasons:

    1) Try disconnecting the serial and networking cable and rebooting to see if it fixes it.
    2) Your flash is still protected (i.e. during the debug method, you disabled/enabled write protect, did you remove it after?)
    3) The most likely one:
    You are flashing your 1xI box with a 2xI image or vice versa.

    The LCD should come up with dbox II Neutrino& then get a channel, i.e. I got tele5.
    Ok that's great, your box is now flashed with the neutrino GUI edited by zg0re. The things to do now (not in any order really other than changing the language really):
    In this image there is no english.locale, so everything is in German until you ftp the file into the box.

    1) Now we need to change / check the network settings on the box.
    2) Press dbox on the remote.
    3) Select Netzwerk.
    From top to bottom the options are:
    2. Set-up network on start-up.
    3. Test network.
    4. Show current settings.
    5. And set-up network

    Below this you should have the current i.p. mask, gateway and dns servers.

    If you plug the network cable, can you ping it from your laptop / pc?

    Page 11.

    You should be able to (hopefully).
    If not you have to change the i.p. And mask of the dbox to match your subnet.
    i.e. 192.168.0.* subnet 255.255.255.*
    Select 'set-up network now'.
    What about standard gateway & nameserver?
    Gateway and Nameserver -> put the same settings as the one entered on your PC
    Not really important, but usefully if you have adsl or cable router at home, then you will be to access Internet from your dbox.
    No = aus dhcp, only needed when you have a static i.p. address.
    Now you have to apply these settings.
    beim starten netzwork setzen??
    this should be set to ein (that means basically auto start network on boot up)
    go to the top, select Back (or whatever it is in German)
    then the top = einstellungen jetzt speichern command is the equivalent of Save Settings.
    You should briefly see an info screen but maybe too quick to read, that's good network settings now saved.

    Now do you flashftp on your pc? or another ftp client?
    The next part assumes Flashfxp.
    Start up ftp.
    On start-up press F4.
    New site.
    Site name = dbox
    i.p. add = the i.p. you entered in the dbox just 5 mins ago
    username= root
    password=dbox or dbox2
    Leave port = 21
    In Options
    Click twice on Cache Directories, the box must change from greyed to ticked to empty; you want it to be empty not greyed not ticked.
    Tick show hidden files
    Click Apply then Connect, you should get a directory listing.
    If you get a connection timed out message check the network settings are correct on the dbox go back in the network settings on the dbox.
    Dbox on remote control

    If you have a home LAN or a hub or a router with free ports, you can plug both the pc and the dbox into the same LAN using normal network cable (i.e. not X over) check if the ping working?

    Page 12.

    It is also worth giving ftp another go too as ping does not always work
    If ftp times out too, reboot the dbox again (you can press all button at the front all at once soft reset.)
    On reset you should get nice logo on TV now dbox-2!!
    You can change that also there is a tutorial about it, pretty easy.
    You should get the folder listing on the right.
    This bit is important as you are now in the box, always make sure you are in the root of the flash / by default you only go in \var.
    Now go to the root by double click on Parent Directory
    Once you are in /
    Ok now there are a few steps to carry on, I will list them then explain them
    1) Upload english.locale from your pc to the correct place on the dbox, then change language to English -> will make it easier to do the rest.
    2 Upload the profile file to set correct time zone.
    3) Upload clock fonts in English (that’s because it’s using German fonts by default not very good for day names like Monday).
    4) Get a services.xml for your area and upload it to dbox or
    5) Create a cables.xml for your area & upload it & scan for channels
    6) Upload the proper keys onto dbox
    7) Enjoy channels in sofa with cold beer.

    So do you have the file english.local? I said you would need it!
    If you haven’t got the files, then they are available on Modshack.

    So you have both the english.local and the LCD clock fonts?
    You extract clock.zip into a folder on your pc also rename english.locale.doc into english.locale (no extension)
    Go back in flashfxp
    Reconnect by pressing F4, so on one side you have your local pc, the other side the dbox, on the local pc side, go to the location where english.locale is, on the dbox side go to /share/tuxbox/neutrino/locale/ then transfer the english.locale onto the dbox. Flashfxp is the best ftp proggie, that’s why people are using it, but ANY ftp client would work it would actually work with the free ftp client under your command prompt!
    Ok now you have the english.locale file in the box if you press dbox on remote, einstellung, sprache, change German to English, should be able to change it now, you don’t have to remove the German, just leave it there.
    Then go back once and SAVE settings
    What about permissions? Do you have to change read write etc??
    But the box is still saying only deusch? What if I reboot? We will reboot later.
    Now we will transfer the LCD font.

    Page 13.

    Upload the extracted fonts into /share/tuxbox/lcdd/clock
    When asked to overwrite says Yes to ALL.
    Reboot dbox now.

    Then when rebooted change language to English then save.

    Now we do the profile for the GMT time zone.
    Ok make sure the file has NO extension and download this so you are left with a file called profile just remove the .rar or .zip & upload this file into /etc/ overwrite existing file once you have profile in /etc/ you should do a backup of your work so far.
    Using remote press dbox, services, software update, expert functions, then select READ WHOLE PARITION when finished press ok
    Then with flashfxp, go into \tmp there is a 8mb file there called flashimage.img transfer it to your pc and rename it to something like backup131004.img and keep it safe, that will save you redoing what we did in the last 2 hours or so if you ever crash your box, just use bootmanager with this image and your dbox will revert back to the current state.
    So now big question do you have a services.xml for your area?
    If you don’t, you will need to find one on the forum or request one, lets assume you have a services.xml.
    Upload that services.xml file into /var/tuxbox/config/zapit/ overwrite if needed.
    Assuming you have a bouquet, services & cable.xml.
    DO NOT edit this file in any way!!
    If you do in make sure you use Text Pad ONLY
    NOT Notepad or any other editor.
    Do you have the keys file?
    Do you put bouquet, services & cable in same dir?
    bouquets definitely goes in the same folder, cable doesn’t matter really, it is not needed for now.
    Cables is only used if you want to do a full scan, you won't need that if you already have all channels in services.xml.
    Reboot the dbox now (let's hope it will reboot ok)
    Do you have an auto update file? i.e. autoroll.key (for your provider, NTL, ex C&W or TW)
    Once booted up you will have channels.
    auto update file should work ok; we will do that after reboot
    select a free to air channel, it should clear up
    Choose a channel that is free i.e. Front Row preview should be FTA
    without the keys not much will show but if you have at least one channel clearing up it's good.

    Page 14.

    Ok the front row is on & clear...good, perfect do you have the correct time on the LCD?
    What about EPG, is it available on the screen?
    i.e. do you get channel name and programme name?
    Ok check the time is good.
    Is the epg good, excellent!
    EPG will not work on front row channels by the way.
    Ok only one thing missing now, the keys to clear up all your channels.
    Until you put the keys file in, you can only view the channels that are NOT encrypted.
    You need the correct keys now, upload this file in /var/keys
    Ok now you need to change the EMU cam to EvoCamd.
    Select Dbox on the remote.
    Then EMU Management.
    Or press the blue button.
    Now change cam to Evocamd then save if asked.
    In this menu you can change the cam in use (between camd3, evocamd, gbox...)
    Then go back to a crypted channel and wait a few secs, its Auto Update keys so should update soon.
    Once one channel clears they should all be clear.
    First thing you should do before opening the champagne…
    IS TO SAVE YOUR IMAGE AGAIN or you may be sorry…

    That's pretty much the hard work done now, the rest are tweaks with plugins, streaming, recording, and other EMU cams... for that you will need to familiarize with your box and check the other tutorials.

    But I guess you should be running ok now?
    & If you screw up you just reload saved image....
    As easy as that!!!
    Do you get all your channels then?
    Inc PPV?
    Yep... just check on front row

    Now you can sit back, great big sigh of relief & a large beer.

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    What’s required - HARDWARE:

    1. DBox2 in DEBUG MODE with Linux Neutrino already installed
    2. RJ45 Network Crossover cable.
    3. PC (this was done using windows XP) with a network card.

    What’s Required – SOFTWARE:

    FTP program eg. “Flash FXP” (30-day trial version works fine).
    ’Image’ file (eg. boxcracker, sportster, zorge, etc) (make sure to use the correct 1x or 2x Image) (see notes 2)
    ’Bouquets’ and ‘Services’ files for your area

    Let’s Get Started:

    To make this easier, place your tv/box close to your PC
    (so that you have easy access to the back of both, to change cables around.)

    1. PC Setup: Now would be a good time to create a ‘System Restore Point’ on your PC,
    (as you will have probably have to change the IP settings, to something different from your internet settings).

    Unplug your internet connection NOW to avoid any conflicts.

    Switch OFF all firewalls and antivirus on your PC
    (and make sure windows XP built in firewall is OFF)

    2. Power on the TV and DBox, but don’t hook it up to your PC yet.

    Using the remote control, press DBOX > SETTINGS > NETWORK
    Take a note of the DBox network settings
    (this is an example only)

    Net Mask
    Def Gateway
    Name Server


    Right-click the network card (it may say Local Area Connection),

    Highlight the ‘Connection Type’ (in the left window),
    and in the right ‘Value window there is a drop down menu (it will probably currently say automode)
    Change the Value to 10 full mode then OK

    Again, right-click the same connection, and go back into the PROPERTIES of the network card
    There is a List of items in the first window (you may need to scroll down further)
    Left-click on internet protocol, when it is highlighted, click the PROPERTIES button.

    Select the ‘Use the following IP address’
    Enter the settings, as you seen it on your DBox, except the IP address will be one digit less of the last number
    (eg. on DBox, so use on your PC)

    OK these settings.

    4. Connect the RJ45 cable between PC and DBox (linking them together)

    Run the Flash FXP program
    On one side should be the files on the PC
    On the other side make sure you select ‘ftp browser’ (the tab is a monitor and folder picture)
    (It may already be selected)

    Click CONNECT (the icon which looks like a lightening bolt)

    Select QUICK CONNECT the three boxes require some information
    SERVER OR URL = (enter the IP address of the DBox)
    USERNAME = root
    PASSWORD = dbox2

    Then click CONNECT

    You should now see the DBox files in the window (if not, check the IP settings).

    5. In the PC file window, browse to the folder containing the Image file you are going to use (eg. “2x-cryo-sportster.img”)

    In the DBox window browse to the TMP folder (NOTE: you may already be in this folder).

    Transfer the image file across into the TMP folder

    When done close down the Flash FXP program.

    (Now go over to the DBox)

    6. Using the DBox remote control, press (in this order)


    Select the Image available (the one you just transferred over from PC) and select YES to flash

    The DBox will start to erase existing flash, and write the new one (this will only take a few minutes)
    The DBox will reset itself when done, and start up the new image


    Use the ‘System Restore’ program on your PC
    Select ‘Restore To An Earlier Time’ and choose the correct point
    Turn back ON your firewall, and virus checker
    Connect back onto the internet, and online to the forum
    Search for the answer to your problem, or post for some help !!!

    7. Now To Add Some Channels:

    Go back to stage 2, and check, as your DBox IP Address may have changed

    Take a note of the settings (if different) (if so, change the settings on your PC as shown in stage 3)

    8. Go back to the PC, and run the Flash FXP program

    Reconnect the PC to DBox (remember the IP Address of the DBox may have changed)

    In the PC file window, browse to the folder containing the “service” and “bouquets” files

    In the DBox window browse to /VAR/TUXBOX/CONFIG/ZAPIT/

    Transfer the “service” and “bouquet” files across into there

    When done close down the Flash FXP program.

    9. Pull out the power cable to the DBox, wait a few seconds, and then power back on
    (this is the best way to prevent any channel problems)

    10. You may want to use the ‘System Restore’ program now, on your PC,

    Select ‘Restore To An Earlier Time’ and choose the correct point
    Turn back ON your firewall, and virus checker
    Connect back onto the internet, and online to the forum
    Let us know how you got on.

    NOTES 1:

    Try and find the “service” and “bouquets” files for your particular area (most areas are different from each other)

    Some Image files (which you may download from the net) may already contain pre-installed “service” files etc.
    but, you may find it difficult to transfer (overwrite) with other newer “service” files (which you may want to try)

    jbhoy1 recommends a clean Image (eg a clean version using Cryo-Sportster-17 2X uk02 (or newer)

    Big thanks to everybody at www.world-of-digital.com This tut is all their work.
    I only tried to make it a bit easier for newbies like myself to understand … jbhoy1

    NOTES 2:

    Everyone should pay particular attention to the reference 1x or 2x Image file

    Nokia DBox is always a 2 chips box, so the correct Image to flash will only ever be the 2x Image file

    A Sagem DBox is different …

    You have to physically open up a Sagem DBox to see how many Intel (or AMD) chips
    (which are located on the main board close to the tuner section) it will either be 1 or 2

    You must flash the matching Image to this corresponding number of chips

    There are pictures of the Sagem motherboards, found on the forum
    Just do a search to find them, or ask if you’re really stuck
    NEVER flash any old Image, if you’re not sure if 1x or 2x (IF YOU DO, THEN THE DBOX MAY NOT RESTART).

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    Cheers Steo46 - got some reading to do - hopefully this will belay my fears once i've read thru it all!

    Thanks again - an excellent resource
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    you are welcome.
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    No knocks to steo thanx for the hard work
    But now PT1s help file is on hand
    its the d box users manual ..........Paul
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    Just spoke to PT 1 he will be putting in an appearance tonight .....paul

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