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DDR-2 thing

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by ConsoleX, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. ConsoleX

    ConsoleX Guest


    I would like to built up a small sysytem with the new DDR2 technology. The only thing is that I'm quite misinformed about DDR and therfore need some hel before buying.
    As you might know DDR comes with a variety of speeds
    400mhz etc, the thing is that if the cpu has an fsb of 800mhz and more why does ddr only have 400mhz?

    Why is ddr found as 400mhz etc, isn't it just RAM, As far as i know it doesn't process any thing,but just a storage (ram)?

    400mhz ram and 800mhz fsb what do they really have in common?

  2. ianski7

    ianski7 Guest


    Man, that's a tough question to answer. And the answer isn't short.

    What are you going to base your system on AMD or the mighty Intel. If your going the AMD route, you can forget about DDR2 untill AMD and motherboard manufacturers develop a new socket that supports it since AMD chooses to incorporate the memory controller whithin the CPU.

    Check this out.........


    This should tell you everything you want to know and more about DDR/DDR2.
  3. indienemo

    indienemo Guest

    When i boot up my intel system with DDR2 ram on the bios post screen it says 512DDR2 ram running in single channel mode.... is there any way i change this to dual channel like its supposed to be?? Cheers
  4. ConsoleX

    ConsoleX Guest


    I'll check that out.


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