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Dell E521 - which card shall i buy? (best for HD graphics/images..more than gaming)

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by sid_xda, May 20, 2007.

  1. sid_xda

    sid_xda Guest

    Hi guys, im new here i just need some tips, recently i bought a ATX1950prp super 512mb card little did i know it was a double slot something ..it never fit in my DELL E521 causing me so much stress and grief ..im new in all of this. I just want a card that has excellent graphics for video, images.. basically looks really good for show that can fit in my PC's PCI-E slot and not use up to slot space. I have ATI x1300 now (came with my pc) but i would like something much better and i dont play much games only occasionally. Thank you , please help me out.

    btw Zotoc nvidia 8600 will that fit on one single slot? and how good is it?

    you guy are the experts, really would like to hear your say

  2. funky22

    funky22 Guest

    8600 is good dx10 grafic card but it has only 128 bit but and that is to little i think for dx10 games i suggest wait i bit longer and collect more money and buy 8800 gts or hd2900xt that are great grafics for hd gaming and dx10 ready i will buy hd2900xtx when it come out cant wait for it :)
  3. sid_xda

    sid_xda Guest

    thanks for the tip, its just my Dell has 1x PCI-E slot, 8800gts these are double sot cards i think.. some people have been using XFX 8600 gts XXX edition and they go its running fine, also does the rick for DX10 games. I dont think i ahve a choice ..i might have to buy the 8600 gts mainly becasue of the one slot feature

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