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Discussion in 'Digital video discussion for Linux users' started by perry101, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. perry101

    perry101 Guest

    Hi i have an avi movie file id like to put do dvd for use on my dvd player,

    i have got devede, could someone aid me through the devede process of converting and then how would i burn the file to dvd so its watchable on a dvd player.


  2. deadlove

    deadlove Guest

    It doesn't work.. at least not for me..

    What you need is a couple of apps..

    avidemux and dvdauthor (qdvdauthor for a GUI.. but it doesn't work as well as the CLI)

    You can get them from the linux repositories.. just install them and go looking (google) for the user guides.
  3. perry101

    perry101 Guest

    i got aviemux!
  4. perry101

    perry101 Guest

    I have downloaded dvd author, but iv tried for hours to install but i just cant do it!

    I cant find any guides on doing it either!
  5. Skitzy

    Skitzy Regular member

    Feb 14, 2006
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    you shouldn't need a guide.. you should just go to the repos and click add.. use synaptic or adept or whatever package manager that you have. That will be a lot easier..

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