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Difference between mp4 file format for psp and ipod?

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by chipdevil, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. chipdevil

    chipdevil Guest

    Hi.. Actually encountered some problems with certain movies i tried to transfer onto my ipod classic. However some of these movies(mp4 format) can be played on my psp but not on my ipod classic. I tried using 3gp converter to convert the file to ipod mp4 format but get an error everytime I do that. Can anyone help by explaining if there actually is a difference between the mp4 format for ipod and psp? thanks in advance..
  2. irongiant

    irongiant Regular member

    Aug 5, 2004
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    if the movies are in itunes already right click on the file and select convert to ipod, look at the pics bellow.

  3. chipdevil

    chipdevil Guest

    many thanks for helping.. was wondering if selecting that option u stated above will allow me to convert avi & avc video formats to ipod mp4? And does conversion take a long time(more than 1 hr?)? also, would'nt i have to enable syncing in order to add the file to the itunes library and then to my ipod? coz i dun usuali sync my media coz i nv reali store my files on my comp.. is there a way around this so that i can just convert to ipod mp4 format and manually transfer(drag and drog) it to my ipod so as to avoid syncing? any gd freeware that i can get hold of to do this or is it possible to be done with itunes? many thanks once again..

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