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Discussion forum updates

Discussion in 'Forum announcements' started by Ketola, Sep 18, 2014.

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    This message and thread will contain major (and sometimes minor) updates and patches to the forums. If you encounter problems that you believe is related to the update, feel free to post to this thread.

    Update 2014-10-30

    The discussion forum engine (XenForo) has been updated to the latest 1.4.2 version. This update mostly patches found bugs, the list of which you can find below.

    Minor improvements:
    • The IP of the user submitting a "Contact Us" form is now displayed in the email sent to the forum contact.
    • The "Contact Us" form can use the 1.3-style method of headers with the "Sender info in From header on contact emails" option. This can be useful when sending contact emails to a Gmail account which may not always respect the Reply-To header as expected.
    • Added support for Google's new Search Sitelinks mark up.
    • When a user has received warnings leading to a ban until the warning points expire, the ban expiration date will now be calculated and displayed to the user.
    Some of the bugs fixed in 1.4.2 include:
    • Fixed display of the "hamburger" icon in the navigation in iOS8
    • Fix the cursor appearing erroneously after replying to a thread in iOS8
    • Don't autofocus file inputs to avoid iOS8 incompatibilities
    • Improve performance of the online status indicator
    • Allow years to be selected far in the future in the date picker
    • Disable IP resolution on the moderated users list due to performance issues
    • Reduce the amount of user information available to the "quick" session activity list to reduce memory issues
    • Add a new _getRegistrationInputDataSafe method to the registration controller that caches the _getRegistrationInputData method (which is not idempotent); the new method can be called multiple times
    • Check banned status before checking general viewing permissions
    • Disable overlay scrolling on absolutely positioned overlays (mostly for mobile devices)
    • Fix the date input appearing unexpectedly when clicking cancel in an overlay
    • Fix several JS and URL issues relating to running XenForo on an IDN
    • Improve pasting of tabular content into the rich text editor
    • Fixed editor issue where an entire paragraph could be removed when inserting an auto-completed username
    • Disable the rich text editor for Windows Phone due to cursor issues
    • Adjust the sitemap builder to lock the files and to flush them to prevent potential corruption
    • Fix a timezone-specific issue in the statistics where the final selected day would not always be displayed
    • Fix a race condition that could prevent a conversation from being marked as read
    • Prevent an SQL error if a user has 65,535 unread alerts
    • Prevent an SQL error from overly long warning messages
    • Prevent an error when reading bounce messages from empty IMAP mailboxes
    • Fixed a situation where the attachment file selector would appear behind the browser window in Firefox
    • Fixed a situation where the attachment list wouldn't be hidden when there were no attachments
    • Move "inherit" rules outside of style properties/into the extra component when set via the template system
    • Fixed tooltip positioning over avatars in the sidebar of the notable members page
    • Fixed tooltip positioning for "remove all filters" in the thread list
    • Prevent a possible error if using the bulk like removal on an orphaned like
    • Updated URLs in the cookie notice describing clearing cookies for some browsers

    Update 2014-09-18

    The discussion forum engine (XenForo) has been updated to the latest 1.4.1 version. The update includes a number of new features and enhancements, some of which are listed below
    • Selective quoting
      • you can quote parts of a message by selecting the text to be quoted
      • the selection can be added either to the quote queue or quoted directly to the message editor
    • Online status indicator in messages
      • you can see a green indicator on the user avatar if he or she is online right now.
    • Polling improvements
      • the number of choices can be chosen freely
      • if allowed, voters can change their vote
      • polls can be added to existing threads
    More enhancements and changes can be found from the XenForo announcement thread.
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