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dish 1000.2 and coolsat 6000

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by slullo, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. slullo

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    i have a coolsat 6000 and a new dish pro 1000.2 i have read that the lnbfs on that dish are not true diseqc lnbs and will not work with coolsat 6000 or any fta stb. can anyone tell me if this is true. new dish has three dp plus lnbs
  2. bill038

    bill038 Guest

    This is what I have found on that particular dish. It appears that it will work with fta receivers. I have just scanned the article, but looks like it will work.

    sh 1000-----discontinued
    The Dish 1000 antenna gives you the advantage of receiving more programming (such as HD) using a single dish solution. The Dish 1000 antenna features the ability to receive signals from three orbital locations: 110°,119° and 129° for all the VOOM HD channels and Local channels in Select Cities.
    Echostar DISH Network DISH1000 satellite dish antenna, includes dish, mast, DishPro Plus Twin, DishPro Dual LNB, and manual! No need for a second dish at 61.5 for VOOM when dish1000 antenna will suffice.
    Similar to the LNB used on the Dish 500+

    Dish 1000+
    DISH 1000+ allows customers to receive programming from four orbital locations; 110°, 118.7°, 119° and 129° using a dish antenna size similar to SuperDISH (Parts are not interchangeable with other dishes). DISH 1000+ will display DBND as the device for 118.7° when a Check Switch test has been run.

    Standard Configuration:
    DISH 1000+ includes a DP Dual Band LNBF and two DP Dual LNBF. A DPP 44 switch must be used in all DISH 1000+ installations (up to 4 DPP receivers).

    o DP Dual Band LNBF for orbital locations; 118.7°, 119°
    o DP Dual LNBF for orbital location; 129°,
    o DP Dual LNBF for orbital location; 110°,

    One case containing all three LNBs
    DISH 1000.2 allows customers to receive programming from three orbital locations; 110°, 119°, and 129° using a dish antenna size similar in size to DISH 500. DISH 1000.2 will display 1k.2 as the device and DPP 1000.2 as the LNBF when a Check Switch test has been run.

    Standard Configuration:
    DISH 1000.2 includes a DPP 1000.2 integrated LNBF - no switch needed for up to three receivers.

    o DPP 1000.2 integrated LNBF; 110°, 119°, 129°
    o Connect the three output ports of the DP Plus 1000.2 LNBF to a DISH Pro Plus 44 switch for an additional receiver. When connected to a DPP44 switch using 3 cables, the LNBF provides signal from 110°, 119°, and 129°.
    o The LNB input port is disabled if the Integrated LNBF is connected to a DPP44 switch; the 4th orbital in this configuration would have to be connected via the switch..
    NOTE: The DP34 and DP21 switches cannot be used in any installation with the DP Plus 1000.2 LNBF. The DP34 lacks the power inserter for the current draw this monster requires……however, if you aren’t using a two tuner Dish receiver and have a power inserter to place on port 1, some have had success breaking this statement.

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