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DO i need a new power supply

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by Harryford, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Harryford

    Harryford Member

    May 30, 2004
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    Hi, I have a "CHEAPO" 400 watt psu and i recently bought a 160 gb seagate, weel my computer just shuts down after about 2 mins of bein on, even after i took it out, i currently have
    Windoze XP pro
    2800+ overclocked to fsb of 185, HAULS ASS
    2x256 patriot dual channel ddr 400, runnin 185
    2 optical drives dvd rom dvd-+r
    4 hard drives 10gb, 45 western digital, 120 western digital 160 seagate
    nvidia 5900 128mb
    Soyo ultra kt-400 black edition,
    also some times it beeps twice like normal then followed by a repetition of beeps then nothing, but others it boots, My first instinct says power supply, Thanks
  2. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    Quantity of power is important, but the quality of power (stability/regulation tolerances) cannot be overlooked.
    Get youself a brand-name PS (Enermax, Enlight, Vantec...) in that wattage range and you should be fine.
    If your FSB 166 is O/Ced to 185, then your AGP 66 is O/Ced to 74, and your PCI 33 is O/Ced to 37MHz.
    This is often as much of a limit to people's O/Cing as is their CPU, and can be a major source of system instability.
    AMD Athlons @ 133 FSB should be run @ 166.
    Athlons @ 166 FSB should be run @ 200.
    This 'factory' O/Cing keeps proper dividers for AGP/PCI, but most often works only on CPUs with the lowest multipliers (like XP2000+ or 2500+ Barton).
    Apply core voltage as req'd, don't keep trying too much past 1.75-1.8 volts (or else, bring marshmallows & weenies ;-)
    Lots of info in Praetor's O/Cing forum...

    Keep 'em running good! PCs run the marathon, not a sprint...

    ABIT AN7 nForce2 Ultra 400
    XP2500+ Barton @ 3200+
    2 x 512MB PC3200[/small]
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2004

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